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Are you looking for financial information you can use? Take Charge America’s blog covers everything from tips for saving and budgeting to advice on debt management and money planning. Learn how to improve your financial future and protect yourself from issues such as fraud and scams with our helpful blog articles.

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Check In On Your Financial Resolutions

With the year more than half over. It's time to check in on the progress you've made on those financial New Year's resolutions. If you've been sticking to them – way to go! If you haven't, don't wor...


How to Spot Work-from-Home Scams

The idea of working from home is certainly appealing, which is why it's the perfect environment to breed schemes and scams designed to drain your bank account or steal your identity. That's not to say...


5 Easy Ways to Earn Extra Money

Whether you're saving for something special, trying to pay down debt or just need some extra cash to hold you over until payday, everyone could use some extra money coming in. But if you're already wo...


Quit These Bad Habits to Save Money

There are hundreds of things we do every day without really thinking about them. These unconscious habits create routine and add rhythm to our daily lives. Unfortunately, some of them might be costing...


Creative Ways to Stretch Your Food Budget

So you clip coupons, use money-saving apps, stock your pantry and buy in bulk (when it makes sense), but you still feel like you're spending too much on food. Not to worry! In addition to all those pr...


Money-Saving Tips for Renters

Whether you're renting your first apartment, renting while saving up for a home or simply prefer the convenience and freedom of renting where you live, you're in good company. According to the Nationa...


Easy Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Summer

Summer is officially here. You've probably gotten yourself ready with a new swimsuit, sunglasses and stockpile of sunscreen, but what about your home? If you haven't already, it's not too late to prep...


How to Save on Auto Maintenance

It’s a commonly held belief that auto shops and car mechanics can’t be trusted – and you’re especially likely to be swindled if you don’t know much about cars. But despite this general mistr...


How to Save Money on a Road Trip

Summertime is synonymous with sunshine, surf, sand – and road trips. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation, camping trip or coast-to-coast drive, a few small tips will help you save big bucks o...

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