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How to Find Free Summer Lunch Programs for Kids

Families who rely on free or reduced school lunch programs during the year often worry about what’s going to happen during the summer when school is out. Fortunately, there are several ways kids under 18 can enjoy free summer lunch programs, provided you know where to look. Let’s review the details. What are these programs […]

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Teach Your Teens These Credit Card Lessons

Giving teens a well-rounded financial education includes helping them understand credit cards. From the pros and cons of credit card usage, to how they differ from debit cards, giving your teen an understanding of the potential risks and rewards of using credit cards can help them avoid costly mistakes in the future. Let’s take a […]

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5 Fun and Educational Financial Apps for Kids

When it comes to teaching kids about money and financial topics, there are more resources available than ever before, including apps. Chances are your kids spend plenty of downtime looking at their screens, so why not make that time productive with apps and games that teach them about money management, banking basics, investments, and more? […]

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5 Unexpected Expenses of Having a Baby

If you’re expecting a baby, you have probably already started adjusting your budget for things like decorating the nursery and buying diapers, wipes, and supplies. But there are many expenses related to having a baby that takespeople by surprise. Let’s take a look at some of the unexpected expenses of having a baby.     […]

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How to Adjust to Adult Kids Coming Home During the Pandemic

As Americans continue to struggle with the economic effects of the ongoing pandemic, many adult kids are moving back in with their parents to save money. This follows a similar trend during the Great Recession when so-called “boomerang kids” needed to move home after graduating from college into a sub-optimal job market. For most, the […]

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What You Need to Know About Bank Accounts for Teens

Back-to-school season is definitely different in 2020. But it’s still a good time to celebrate your child’s growth and achievements as they transition into a new academic year. For many, that can mean opening their teen’s first bank account. In addition to being a great teaching tool for positive money habits, it adds convenience for […]

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How to Talk to Kids About Money During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect people around the world, staying healthy is everyone’s top concern. But following closely behind that are concerns about money and finances. Record numbers of Americans are filing for unemployment, and those who remain fully employed are tightening their belts. The financial strain being placed on parents can make […]

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Cheap or Free Things to Do While Social Distancing

Now that we’re several weeks into spending more time indoors due to social distancing guidelines, you might be running out of things to do. Here’s a list of some of our favorite ways to pass the time. As a bonus, most of them are free or cost very little.   Intentional Streaming Streaming movies and […]

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Don’t Let Your Kids Catch You Making These Money Mistakes

When it comes to teaching kids positive financial habits, it’s important for parents to practice what they preach. If you talk about the benefits of frugality but your kids see you spending frivolously, which example do you think they’re going to emulate? Because actions speak louder than words, you don’t want to let your kids […]

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5 Tips to Help Adult Children Move Out on Their Own

The number of adult children who move back in with one or both parents has been on the rise since 2000 and shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, more than 20 percent of adults age 23-37 are currently living at home. The high cost of housing, crushing student loan debt and stagnant wages […]

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