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New Rules for Public Service Loan Forgiveness

Many student loan borrowers have struggled to understand the requirements of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program (PSLF). They experience frustration and disappointment thinking they were making progress toward receiving loan forgiveness, only to find out that their loans didn’t qualify, or they were enrolled in the wrong payment plan. The U.S. Department of Education […]

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What Parents Need to Know About Student Loans

Sending a child off to college is a proud moment for any parent. But today’s college education comes with a hefty price tag. For many families, student loans are the only way to pay for higher education. And for parents, a lot has changed in the world of student loans since they were in school. […]

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5 Things to Do During the Student Loan Grace Period

With college graduations approaching, it’s time to talk about student loan repayment. Before you panic, there’s a bit of good news. Most student loans offer a grace period before you need to start paying them back. But that doesn’t mean you should forget them during that time. You’ll want to get your ducks in a […]

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Healthcare Professionals Can Apply for New Student Loan Repayment Program Until Feb. 21

An average of 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose. The NHSC Substance Use Disorder Workforce Loan Repayment Program alleviates student loan debt for healthcare professionals — physicians, nurses, counselors and others — who are doing important work preventing and treating opioid addiction across the country.    What is the program? Studies illustrate […]

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The Consequences of Student Loan Default

Allowing student loans to go into default can have serious financial consequences that can affect your credit for years to come. Here’s what you need to know:  Direct Federal Student Loans are in default when they reach 270 days past due Family Federal Education Loans are in default when they are 330 days past due […]

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What is Student Loan Rehabilitation (And When Do You Need It)?

Having student loans go into default can be confusing and overwhelming. And the financial consequences can be serious if the loan holder doesn’t take action to remedy the situation. Direct Federal Student Loans are in default when the borrower has not made a payment in more than 270 days. Family Federal Education Loans reach default […]

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7 Ways to Save on College Living Expenses

There’s no way around it, being a college student is expensive. Between tuition and fees, housing, food, books and maintaining a social life, it’s no wonder that “starving student” is a commonly used phrase. Of course, the trade-off is getting a degree, along with life-long memories, so it’s more than worth it. But how can […]

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How to Get Teens Involved in Saving for College

In a perfect world, everyone would begin savings for their children’s college education shortly after their babies come into the world. But in reality, that’s just not realistic. There’s a lot of life — and expenses — that happen before kids graduate high school and head off to college. Of course, the earlier you begin […]

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5 Financial Benefits of Attending Community College

Getting a college education doesn’t have to mean spending four (or more) years at a university followed by years of paying off student debt. Attending community college before—or instead of—going to a university is a money-saving option that makes a college education attainable for just about anyone. Take a look at the following financial benefits […]

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What to Expect from Student Loan Counseling

If you are struggling to pay back student loan debt, you’re not alone. The most recent estimates places the total amount of outstanding student loan debt  in the U.S. at nearly $1.5 trillion. That total is shared by some 44 million borrowers. Clearly, there are many people experiencing similar struggles and looking for ways to […]

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