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Resources & Knowledge for a Secure Financial Future

Take Charge America is dedicated to improving financial literacy among people from all backgrounds facing a variety of financial challenges. Bookmark this page to reference whenever you have a financial question, concern or opportunity.

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Budgeting Guidance, By Popular Demand

If you’re seeking guidance on budgeting, overcoming debt and saving for the future, you’re certainly not alone. Find answers to our most common questions here.

Negotiating Credit Card Interest Rates

Are your credit card rates negotiable? What power do you have? We explore the do’s, don’ts and possibilities if you choose to reach out to your creditors.

Planning for Variable & Periodic Expenses

Are you a freelancer or gig worker? Is your job dependent on tips? When your income is inconsistent, it can be difficult to budget. Here, we offer guidance.

Next Steps: Life After Debt

It’s not easy to overcome debt, and the achievement should be celebrated. But then what? What financial steps should you take when balances hit zero?

Financial Skills for Young Adults

The financial skills we learn as young adults lay the foundation for a secure future for decades. Here, we explore the fundamental skills that will set anyone up for success.

Precautions for Co-signers

Should you co-sign a loan for a family member or friend? Are you fully aware of the potential consequences? This is a serious decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Strategies for Paying Off Credit Cards

There are numerous approaches for paying off credit cards depending on the number of cards, debt levels and interest rates. Here, we explore seven common strategies.

Resources to Overcome Life’s Challenges

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Financial, Legal & Health

We understand how financial struggles can impact many areas of your life. We’ve compiled a list of organizations offering consumer services and support.

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Coronavirus has impacted all facets of our daily lives. We’ve compiled links to help you navigate the financial impacts associated with the pandemic.

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Financial Lesson Plans for Teachers

Personal finance skills, like reading, writing and arithmetic, need to be taught at a young age. Learning basic skills now means fewer problems with debt and credit later.

We have developed lesson plans for teachers to use with students from grades one to five. These lesson plans incorporate personal finance skills with children’s books to provide a fun, well-rounded learning experience.

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Assessing Next Steps in Debt Relief

If you’re unsure where to turn, start with a free and confidential credit counseling session. We will review your income, expenses and debts to determine the best course of action.

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You can also call us Monday – Friday from 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. MST at 866-528-0588 to speak with a certified credit counselor.

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Explore Free Financial Resources

Arm yourself with the knowledge to create lifelong financial independence. Get tips and tools for managing debt, developing effective financial habits, budgeting to meet living expenses and saving for the future.

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