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As Americans, we owe the nation’s military veterans our respect and gratitude. Yet, despite the sacrifices they have made to protect us, many veterans and their families find themselves struggling financially. The following is a list of resources for programs and organizations that assist veterans experiencing financial difficulties. Take a look at these financial resources for veterans.   Financial Resources for Veterans

US Cares Emergency Assistance Program

If you’re a veteran struggling to cover basic monthly bills such as rent or utilities, you can begin the application process for a grant here. The average amount awarded is $650, which can be really helpful when struggling to make ends meet.

The American Legion Temporary Financial Assistance

Designed to help families with minor children, this program offers cash grants to pay for housing, utilities, food and medical expenses. The goal is to encourage a stable home life for children. Learn if you’re eligible here.

Operation Family Fund

Veterans who were severely disabled while serving in Operation Enduring and Iraqi Freedom can apply for grants to pay for medical bills, emergency transportation, vehicle repair and housing. Review the eligibility requirements and apply here.

Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes

This organization provides financial assistance to veterans who were severely wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. Review the eligibility requirements and apply here.

Hope for the Warriors

Provides a full cycle of care to post 9/11 service members, their families and the families of the fallen. Programs include critical care coordination and career transition assistance. Apply for services here.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Aid & Attendance/Housebound Assistance 

If you are a veteran receiving a VA pension, you may be eligible for an increased monthly amount through Aid & Attendance and Housebound Assistance. Veterans who are bedridden or need the services of an aid to help with everyday activities can apply here.

Operation First Response

This organization’s Military Family Assistance Program offers financial relief to wounded veterans and their families as they make their way through the V.A. claim process, which can take up to a year or more. Funds are used to help vets cover immediate needs such as housing, utilities, groceries, clothing and more. Request assistance here.

Personal Online Fundraising

Online fundraising sites such as Go Fund Me allow you to crowdsource donations from friends, family and your grateful fellow Americans. These sites can be an effective way to help raise money to cover a temporary financial hardship or long-term need.

Budgeting and Managing Debt

If you explore these financial resources for veterans and still can’t find the help you need, call us. Our free Credit Counseling can help you get a clear picture of your financial situation and help you develop a realistic budget based on your current income. Or get started right away with our online financial review. It’s free and confidential.

Find additional assistance with housing, mental health, food & nutrition and much more on our Consumer Resources page.


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