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6 Holiday Gifts that Don’t Cost Money

Maybe you’re dealing with an extremely tight budget. Or maybe you’d like to minimize the consumerism the holidays bring. Whatever your reasons, there are times when you need or want to give a gift without spending any money. But is that even possible in today’s world of one-click purchases and same-day delivery? Absolutely! Here are 6 ideas for gifts that don’t cost money.

Teach a Skill

Everyone has something they’re really good at. If you have a skill that people often compliment, such as playing an instrument, baking a perfect pie or growing beautiful roses, help others learn to do the same. Teaching someone something you’re passionate about is a great way to spend time together. You’ll be sharing a valuable skill, doing something you love and creating lasting memories.

Provide Free Childcare    free babysitting one of many holiday gifts that don't cost money

Have friends or family members with small children? It’s practically guaranteed there’s nothing they want more this holiday season than a few hours to themselves. You can give them that coveted gift by offering to babysit for free. It costs you nothing other than your time, and you’ll have the chance to get to know the little people in your life. What’s better than that?

Put Your Thoughts on Paper

In this age of digital communication, there’s something extra special about committing your thoughts and feelings to paper. Write a heartfelt letter, poem, song or simply a list of special memories you share with someone. Use some beautiful stationery to transform it into a keepsake the recipient is sure to treasure for years to come.

Offer Your Labor

There’s probably someone in your life who could use some help around the house or in the yard (or both). Offer your services for a few hours to get things done. Whether it’s cleaning, organizing, doing yard work or doing little jobs around the house (like changing smoke detector batteries), you’ll be giving someone the gift of time and peace of mind. This gift is especially meaningful to older folks or people who are recovering from an illness.

Make Something Delicious

If you keep a well-stocked pantry, it will be easy to bake cookies, a cake or other tasty holiday treats without spending much (if any) money. Homemade treats don’t have to be fancy to be appreciated. In fact, many people can’t wait to enjoy homemade holiday classics such as peanut butter cookies, shortbread or traditional chocolate chip cookies, all of which require just a few basic ingredients.

Try Regifting

We’ve all received gifts that just aren’t quite right. Rather than letting them sit around and collect dust, pass them along to someone who will use and appreciate them. Regifting is a great way to give holiday gifts when money is tight. Just be sure to follow the unbreakable rules of regifting to make sure you’re doing so tastefully.

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