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Tips to Save Money on Moving Expenses

Whether moving across town or across the country, relocating can be difficult and expensive; often riddled with unexpected costs. A little planning can go a long way to help keep costs down and reduce financial stress. Here are nine tips to save money on moving expenses: Family saving money on moving expenses

Choose Reputable Movers

Hiring a mover can be risky. There are many consumer complaints in this industry. If you need professional help, research three movers with the Better Business Bureau each carrying an A rating. Get estimates and compare to save money on moving expenses.

Sell or Donate

The more you move, the more you will have to pay, especially if you’re hiring a professional or renting a truck. Take a hard look at your stuff and decide if it really needs to be moved, or if you can sell or donate it. Consider hosting a garage sale or using sites like to sell items.

Examine Your Appliances

If you’re taking major appliances, account for professional servicing or installation costs. It may not be worth the cost of moving old appliances needing frequent repairs.

Eat Up

Leading up to your move, eat foods in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. Restock after the move.

Don’t Buy Boxes

An easy way to save money on moving expenses is to check grocery, warehouse stores or recycling facilities for boxes, or ask friends and family for spares.

Consider a Pod

If you’re moving far, a pod may prove cheaper than a moving van or professional moving company, especially when considering the cost of gas.

Select “Off” Days

Saturday is the most popular day to move. It’s also the most expensive. Prices for truck rentals or professional movers are higher on weekends. Consider moving mid-week to avoid the premium cost.

Manage Utilities & Services

Contact your phone, cable and utility providers well ahead of your move to set a discontinuation date. This will ensure you’re not paying for services after you move. You may also need to cancel or transfer other subscriptions, such as gym memberships, pool maintenance and periodicals.

Get Insurance in Order

Make sure your auto and home or rental insurers are aware of your move so they can adjust your premiums or transfer coverage.

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