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How to Remodel Your Home on a Budget

Making the decision to remodel your home is exciting. It can also be overwhelming, and, above all, expensive. But if you plan carefully and are willing to do some of the work yourself, you can give your home a new look for less. Take a look at these smart ways to save on home remodeling.

Prioritize and Plan

If you start to remodel your home without a clear plan in place, there’s a good chance you’ll end up with several unfinished projects in every room, rather than the new look you’re going for. When planning your remodel, consider the rooms that you use the most, or are most in need of an update. For example, if the dishwasher is dying and the faucet has seen better days, start in the kitchen. Regardless of where you start, be sure to complete the projects in one room before starting on another.    Remodel your home on a budget

Use What You Have

Many times, remodeling can be more about changing what you have, rather than starting over with something new. Instead of getting all new kitchen or bathroom cabinets, look into having your current cabinets painted or stained; even changing out the handles or drawer pulls can give them a whole new look.  If wood floors are looking dull or have scratches and nicks, have them cleaned, polished and refinished, rather than pulling them up and having them replaced. And don’t underestimate the power of simply rearranging furniture and accessories. Try really mixing things up by taking furniture from one room and using it in another. You may find that simply changing the look of your space will satisfy your desire for newness.

Pick the Power of Paint

There’s no denying the power of paint to transform a space. Whether you paint the trim, a single wall, or a whole room, adding color is an easy, immediate way to change the look of any room. And paint isn’t just about color anymore. You can add special effects, like velvety textures or glitter, or even paint walls to serve as easy-to-clean chalk boards or white boards. Be sure to prep surfaces properly and use the right tools to get professional results. Talk with the painting pro where you buy your paint to get expert tips.

Know When to Use a Pro

There are countless remodeling projects you can tackle yourself with great results. But you need to know your limitations. When it comes to things that involve plumbing, electrical or actual demolition and rebuilding of interior spaces, it’s time to call a professional. It’s not only more efficient, it’s safer, too. Taking on a project you’re not qualified to handle will only cost you more in the long run when you have to have a professional come in and complete the job.

Take it Outside

Remodeling isn’t just about your home’s interior, pay attention to what’s going on outside, too. Chances are, the only time you think about curb appeal is when you’re getting ready to sell your home, but why not make it beautiful and inviting for yourself while you live there? Sprucing up the outside of your home will make you feel great about it all over again. Painting the front door a bright, bold shade; planting flowers to line the walkway and changing out exterior lighting fixtures for a new look are all easy, affordable projects you can complete in just a few hours. And the added bonus? Your neighbors will be tempted to make positive changes, too.

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