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Set Up a Home Gym on a Budget

If you’re among the millions of Americans who have resolved to get fit in the New Year, you might be thinking you need to join a gym to meet that goal. It’s a strategy that can work, but that monthly charge can put a strain on your budget. Plus, making the time to actually get to the gym can be challenging when life is already so busy. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to get fit without joining a gym. You can create a home gym on a budget that’s just as effective. And you don’t have to go into debt doing it. Here’s how:

Choose Your Space

You don’t have to clear out a whole room or add an addition to the house to set up a home gym on a budget. Find a space large enough to accommodate any equipment you’ll be using (more on that in a minute), as well as an area you can use for warming up and cooling down. If open areas are scarce, you can use a standing screen to divide a room and create the illusion of a private space.

Woman working out in her home gym on a budgetGet Back to Basics

There are plenty of quick-fix fitness gadgets out there that target a certain body part — like abs — and claim to offer almost instant results. But many fitness pros agree that a better approach is to stick with the basics. Equip your workout space with a yoga mat, stability ball, and a set of weights. You’ll have everything you need to start improving your flexibility, balance and strength. You can always add additional equipment as your fitness goals evolve.

Test Drive Fitness Equipment

The right piece of fitness equipment can be key in helping you reach your goals. But the wrong one can end up taking up space and collecting dust. Do some research and find a few pieces of equipment you want to try. Then, see if any friends or family members have them so you can test them out. If you can’t find anyone who has what you’re looking to try, look into short-term rentals to try them in your home.

When you choose which fitness equipment you want, see if you can buy it used rather than purchasing it new. Many people buy equipment with good intentions but use it very little and end up selling it for far less than the original price.

See What’s Free

If you need a little help getting motivated (who doesn’t?) there are plenty of free workout videos available on YouTube and Hulu. There are also hundreds of free fitness apps help you create your home gym on a budget.

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