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Little Ways to Save Money Every Day

Discover hidden sources of found money in your everyday life.

What’s more unlikely than picking the winning numbers and hitting the lottery jackpot? Winning the lottery, but not claiming your prize. It is rare, but it happens – recently, an unclaimed winning lottery ticket worth 16 million dollars expired. The ticket, purchased in Florida more than six months ago, became worthless in November.

You would never let that much money slip away – but it’s all too common to spend more than you need to on everyday expenses. Finding ways to save money, in any amount, can help you repay debt or add to your savings.

Here are five ways you can save money every day: cheapskate


Make a phone call to your insurance agent. Make sure your policy covers just what you need, no more and no less, and simply ask for ways you can save money. Have you managed to build up your emergency savings fund? Consider increasing your deductible – doing so can reduce your insurance costs.


Saving money on groceries can be pretty easy – use a list, shop sales, use coupons, don’t shop hungry. But you can take your savings to the next level by planning a week’s dinners around items you already have in your freezer and pantry. Meal planning this way – even if it’s just a meal or two a week or a few weeks out of the year, helps  prevent wasting unused food and can make a big difference in your monthly grocery budget.


There are many ways to save money on this expense. Call your provider and ask for discounts, consider bundling, or just go without and start streaming shows, using the high-speed internet you are likely already paying for, directly to your TV instead.

Roku, AppleTV, Google Chromecast – all are simple devices that can help you stream viewing choices and cut cable. Making the initial investment for the device, then paying the nominal monthly charge for services such as Hulu and Netflix, will still save you money over standard cable or satellite charges.

FSA Funds

Do you have funds deposited into FSA health spending account? These funds have a ‘use it or lose it’ provision – if monies are not used up by the end of the calendar year, or by the date determined by your plan, funds are lost. If you don’t know what your deadline is, update yourself and schedule eye, dental and health appointments accordingly.


Cleaning out closets and clearing off shelves leaves you with a feeling of accomplishment and a neat and tidy home. De-cluttering can net you some extra cash, too. Sell items locally via consignment and resale shops, or sell items online. When selling online, research the best ways to sell your particular items. Old cell phones may do better on eBay, while furniture might be better on Craigslist. Always take care to sell your items safely.

We all have money tied up in every day costs and items already purchased. Inspect your monthly budget and your home for ways you can save money and turn unused items into cash.

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