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It’s Time to Cut the Cord and Save Money

As cable and satellite bills grow from year-to-year, more consumers than ever are making the decision to “cut the cord.” And why not? Cutting the cord allows consumers to save money — as much as $85 per month according to one recent study — while being more intentional about the media they choose to consume.

With streaming services gaining more and more content, the idea of deciding on your own terms what media to consume is more appealing than ever. And just imagine never again having to wait around all day for the cable guy to show up. It’s no wonder that experts predict as many as 50 million households will cut the cord by 2021. Are you ready to be one of them?

Here are some things to consider when deciding to cut the cord:  Pair of scissors cutting a cable TV cord

Do the Math

Before you cancel your cable or satellite, do the math to be sure cutting the cord will actually save you money. Talk with your provider to see about getting a lower rate. Cable companies are well aware of the appeal of cord-cutting and if you’re a long-term customer with a solid payment history, they may be willing to offer a significant discount for you to keep your current plan.

Initial Investment

If you don’t already have one, you’ll want to invest in a smart TV or streaming device such as Roku, Apple TV or Amazon Fire Stick, that allow you to watch streaming content directly on your television. You’ll want to do a little research to find out which one plays the best with all your other devices for maximum versatility. For example, if you use a Mac laptop, iPad and iPhone, Apple TV would the logical choice.

Find the Right Options

When the cord-cutting craze began, there were only a few streaming services to turn to. Now there are more than 100 available and new ones being added all the time. Spend some time looking into which services best align with your interests or needs. Do you need family-friendly programming? Obsessed with sports? Can’t get enough British detective shows? Whatever your viewing preferences, there’s a streaming service (or several) to match it.

Additionally, there are now several streaming options that offer the ability to watch live TV, including local news and sporting events. So you won’t have to give up your traditional favorites.

Take a Trial Run

Most streaming services give you the option to try-before-you-buy by offering free trials. To maximize this opportunity, try out one or two services at a time, then move on to your next free trials. Once you’ve cycled through the ones you want to try, you can decide which services you’d like to stick with and pay for. Just be sure to set calendar alerts to remind you to cancel before the trial periods end so you don’t get billed for services you don’t want.

Enjoy the Benefits

In addition to saving money, cutting the cord and getting rid of cable or satellite television offers a number of benefits, including:

  • More control over what you and your family watch
  • Less exposure to advertising, which can minimize impulse buying
  • Less time wasted searching for something to watch
  • More money in the entertainment budget to do other things
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