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How to Save Money When Dining Out

Save_Dining_Out2One of the most effective ways to save money and stick to your budget is cooking meals at home. But there will be times when you want to dine out to celebrate a special occasion, meet up with friends for a bite, or just take a break from cooking. Not to worry. You can still enjoy dining out now and then and stick to your budget by keeping these tips in mind.    

Plan Ahead

Arriving at the restaurant ravenous and unprepared is a sure recipe for overspending. Do a little restaurant reconnaissance before you get there so you have a game plan in mind. Spend a few minutes reviewing the menu online and get an idea of what you’d like to order. As with all spending decisions, decide on a budget for the meal and stick to it.

Stick to Water

No, it’s not the most exciting drink on the menu, but it’s the only one you’ll get for free. Drinking water with your meal won’t only save you money, it will help keep you hydrated and counteract the effects of the added salt often used in restaurant meals. If you need another reason to skip that bottle of wine, a Food Network survey of professional chefs revealed that wine in a restaurant can cost more than double what you’d pay retail.

Choose Appetizer Over Entree

Restaurant portions have gotten so large that appetizers are now the perfect size to have for your main meal. Choose one or two plus a side salad and you’ll have a perfectly satisfying meal that rings in at less than the cost of an entree.

Make it Worth Your While

If you do decide to order an entree, make sure it’s something special that you can’t or won’t make for yourself at home. Things like pasta with red sauce, roasted chicken, steamed vegetables and hamburgers all have a huge markup when ordered in a restaurant. Choose something unique that you can’t easily replicate on your own to make it worth the expense.

Go Halvsies

If the restaurant you’re going to is known for its large portions, make plans to split an entree with your dining companion. You can also ask your server to box up half the entree before it’s even plated. You’ll enjoy a just-right portion for your meal and have leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day.

Ditch Dessert

Unless the restaurant is home to an award-winning pastry chef or known for one special dessert, just say no when the  inevitable question arises. Just like beverages, desserts are some of the highest-margin menu items. You’ll be better off waiting until you get home to have a little something sweet for a whole lot less.

Use Coupons and Apps

If you’re having a casual meal with friends or family, don’t forget to check for coupons, Groupons, or Living Social deals to find the best deals – even freebies!

Speaking of freebies, if you’re dining out to celebrate a birthday, check out our long list of birthday freebies. You can celebrate from breakfast to dinner (with snacks in between).

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