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Woman using a money-saving app to help with grocery shopping

Are you making the most of your smart phone? If you’re not using at least one money-saving mobile app, the answer is no. Mobile apps are rapidly replacing cumbersome paper coupons to help you save money everywhere from grocery stores to restaurants. There are even apps that do the comparison shopping for you to help you find the best price.

What are you waiting for? Download at least one of the following money-saving apps before your next shopping trip.     MoneySavingApps

 ShopSavvy – Once you start using this money-saving marvel, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Shop Savvy turns your phone’s camera into a barcode scanner. To use, simply scan an item’s barcode and the app searches online and in local stores to find you the lowest price. See? Easy! You can also use it to research reviews and keep a wish list.  

GasBuddy – As the price of gas continues to rise and fall with no rhyme or reason, Gas Buddy has your back. It uses your GPS information to direct you to the station nearest you with the lowest price.

Target Cartwheel – If you’re a regular Target shopper, Cartwheel is a must. It lets you choose from a number of savings offers available on items throughout the store. To save, have the cashier scan the Cartwheel barcode on your phone. That’s it! And Target allows you to ‘stack’ the savings, so if the item is already and sale or you have a manufacturer’s coupon (or both!) you can save even more.  

Flipp – Hate clipping coupons and carrying around circulars but love to save with price matching? Flipp is the app for you. When you enter your zip code, it downloads a range of store circulars customized to your location. You can then ‘flip’ through them, ‘clip’ the items you need to a list, then compare prices across to find the best one.  

Walmart, Walgreens, CVS and other big box retailers and drugstores also have their own in-store apps or mobile coupon services. Download the ones for the stores you shop frequently and save every time you shop.

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