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How to Save When Buying Appliances

Most of us don’t give much thought to our appliances. That is, until they stop working and we need to buy new ones. Replacing any major appliance is a major purchase, but it doesn’t have to completely blow your budget. Take a look at these ways you can save when buying appliances.

Focus on Function

Modern appliances are loaded with all kinds of interesting, exciting features. But how many of them really contribute to the appliance’s intended function?  Focus on what you need your appliance to accomplish efficiently and try to ignore all the fancy extras. You’ll save money on your initial purchase and in the long run by avoiding costly repairs of non-essential features.

Consider Damaged or Floor Models

Of course, no one wants to spend money on a new appliance that looks like it fell off the back of a truck. But a few inconspicuous scratches or dents that are barely noticeable can help you save big. Same with floor models. If you don’t mind having your appliance delivered without all its original packing (which is a hassle to deal with anyway), ask if the floor model is available for purchase.                           gray-haired couple buying appliances

Wait for a Sale

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when an appliance is on its last leg. In those cases, it pays to spend some time shopping around and finding a great deal before it becomes an urgent need. Appliances go on sale frequently. Once you’ve chosen the model you want, ask to be notified the next time there’s a discount available.

Trade It In

Though not a universal practice, some appliance dealers accept trade-ins, similar to trading in a vehicle when purchasing a new one. It’s usually smaller, local dealers who engage in the practice. Invest a little time researching online or calling dealers in your area to see if you can save by trading in your old appliance.

Bundle It Up

If you need several new kitchen appliances at the same time or want to replace your washer and dryer in one fell swoop, a package deal is the way to go. Appliance dealers frequently offer discounts when you purchase more than one thing at a time. See what they’re willing to offer for a bundle and don’t be afraid to bargain — you could end up saving even more!

Recycle It

Many utility companies nationwide offer appliance recycling programs. They will pick up your old refrigerator or freezer (and in some areas, smaller appliances like room air conditioners), ensure all components are recycled safely, and send you a rebate of up to $50 per appliance. Exact terms and conditions vary by provider. Simply search “appliance recycling” plus the name of your city or state to see if your provider offers the service.

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