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meal planning is something you can do on Sunday to save money all week

You know that uneasy feeling you sometimes get on Sunday afternoons as you start to think about heading back to work or school on Monday? There’s actually a name. It’s called the “Sunday Scaries.” Mental health professionals say it’s caused by a combination of factors, including anxiety about not knowing what’s to come in the week ahead.

One way to combat the Sunday Scaries is to create a routine that helps mark the end of the weekend. Why not tie that routine to your savings goals? Here are five things you can do on Sunday night to save money all week.   meal planning is something you can do on Sunday to save money all week

Total Up Your Weekend Spending

It’s just two days out of the week, but your weekend spending can make or break your budget. Take some time on Sunday nights to total up everything you spend from Friday night through Sunday. That includes bar tabs, brunches, Uber rides, and impromptu purchases. The total will probably surprise you. And whether you spent more or less than you thought, you can adjust your budget accordingly.

Review Your Calendar

What do you having coming up this week? Spend a few minutes going over your calendar and be on the lookout for spending traps. Do you have too many lunches booked? Do you have gifts to buy? Heading out of town? Make sure you’re financially prepared for the week ahead. If you fear you’re overextended, there’s no harm in rescheduling plans for a later time.

Prep Menu, Meals and Snacks

“Meal prep” can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s cooking and freezing a full week’s worth of meals. For others, it’s planning a menu based on what’s already in the pantry. And for others still, it can mean simply stocking up on the basics like fresh fruit and granola bars so there’s always something healthy available to grab and go. Even a small amount of Sunday night meal prep can go a long way toward helping you stick to your food budget and save money all week.

Go Offline

If you’re not careful, the Sunday Scaries can quickly turn into a series of impulse purchases. Feeling anxious, tired and idly surfing online is a bad combination that can lead to overspending. Instead of falling into that trap, relax by reading an actual book, taking a bath, playing with your pets or getting some light exercise. Not only will you save money, you’ll probably sleep better, too. 

Get to Bed Early

If you’re looking for the right day of the week to get some extra sleep, Sunday night is it. Starting the week feeling sleep deprived can kick off a series of bad decisions and money-wasting purchases. Allow yourself to hit the hay as soon as you start feeling sleepy on Sunday night. You’ll wake up Monday morning rested, refreshed and ready to save money all week.

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