Say No to these Unnecessary Upgrades

We all love a shiny, new gadget and having the latest and greatest thing, but do we really need something new when our old ‘something’ is still working and doing what we need it to? (Hint: the answer is, no, we don’t).     UnneccessaryUpgrades

With that in mind, take a look at these unnecessary upgrades that end up costing more than they’re worth.

New Technology – Whether it’s your cell phone, laptop, tablet, HD TV or any number of countless other technology devices, the temptation to upgrade is never-ending. There’s always going to be a newer version, with a few more pixels here or extra millimeters of screen space there. But if you already have something that serves the same purpose and is in good working order, think twice before spending money on the latest version.

Rental Cars – You made your reservation for a mid-size rental car and you’re ready to sign your rental agreement when the attendant chimes in with, ‘You could upgrade to a luxury car for just a little more per day.’ It’s a tempting offer, but one you’d be wise to pass up. In addition to the extra cost per day, you’ll also end up paying more to refill the gas tank before you turn the car in. You’ll be better off sticking with the mid-size and using the money you would have spent on an unnecessary upgrade on a nice meal instead.

Movie Concessions – Movie theaters make the bulk of their profits from selling popcorn, candy, sodas and other treats. So it’s no surprise that they try to get you to upgrade to larger sizes of everything for ‘just a few dollars more.’ It might seem like a great deal, but over time those few dollars add up to a lot of dollars — not to mention the added calories you’ll consume by indulging in the larger sizes. Next time you’re at the movies, stick with the sizes you planned to order. Your wallet (and waistline) will thank you.

Extended Warranties – The real value of purchasing an extended warranty comes in the form of peace of mind, rather than actual use. Extended warranties play on the anxiety and fear that come with making a big ticket purchase, such as a new laptop or refrigerator. Many people think that if they’ve already spent a good chunk of money, tacking on another $100 or so to protect the investment can’t hurt. But in reality, most extended warranties are never put to use. You’re better off doing some front-end research to find the most reliable product and keeping the extra money in your pocket.

Oil Change Add-ons – Regular oil changes are a great way to protect and extend the life of your vehicle’s engine. But they can be hard on your wallet if you agree to all the suggested upgrades such as a new air filter, fixing that ding in the windshield and making your headlights shine just like new. It can be tempting to agree to the extras just to stop the hard-sell sales pitch, but stay strong. Stick to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations for routine maintenance and say no to anything extra.


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