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5 Ways to Save on a Honeymoon

Whether you’re planning a wedding that’s simple and sweet or a lavish affair, chances are what you’re really looking forward to is the honeymoon. It will be the first chance you have to enjoy relaxing together as a married couple, and the memories will last a lifetime. But just like it’s not a good idea to go into debt by overspending on the wedding, the same is true of the honeymoon. Here are some ways you can save money on your honeymoon and still have the time of your life.      couple holding hands on their honeymoon

Timing is Everything

Planning your wedding to coincide with a holiday or other special event? Remember that holiday travel is going to be more expensive. If you just have to have your ceremony on New Year’s Eve (or any other travel-heavy holiday), consider delaying your honeymoon to travel at a less expensive time. If seasonality isn’t important to you, consider traveling to popular destinations in the off-season; you’ll find some outstanding deals. Just be sure to do your research regarding what to expect weather-wise so you can be prepared.                            

Take a Cruise

Cruises are generally a great bang for your travel buck, especially if you can reach the port without having to fly there. They’re usually all-inclusive, offer great food and entertainment and you only have to unpack once to experience a variety of destinations.

Keep Your Honeymoon Local

If you live in an area that other people flock to for vacation, keep your honeymoon close to home. Take advantage of all the amenities and activities your city has to offer and look at it with a tourist’s eyes. Stay in a great hotel, eat at all those restaurants you’ve been hearing about and visit the attractions you’ve been meaning to see but never seem to have time for.

Take All Costs into Account

Just like the wedding itself will have hidden costs you might not expect, so too will the honeymoon. When planning, remember to budget for everything, not just airfare and hotel. You’ll need money for meals, activities, ground transportation, tips and souvenirs.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

Everyone loves happy honeymooners, and you can use that to your advantage. Let the front desk know you’re on your honeymoon when you’re checking in, and they might upgrade your room or send up a bottle of champagne or other goodies. Tell the maître d’ or hostess in the restaurants you visit, too. You might find yourself with a complimentary bottle of wine or special dessert.

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