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Woman's hands wrapping a holiday gift with red ribbon

The countdown to the holidays is on, and with it the promise of food, family and celebration. Yet it’s also the time of year when spending hits a peak, creating stress for those who haven’t budgeted for the season. It’s hard to enjoy the holidays when financial worries are constantly nagging at you, but there are plenty of ways to celebrate on a budget and make the season even ore meaningful. Try these six tips for creative gift giving that’s also budget-friendly.    Guide to Creative Gift Giving

Make a Spending Pact 

Your loved ones may share similar concerns about overspending. Minimize the worry by setting a spending limit, drawing names, or even skipping gifts in favor of handwritten letters or cards. Your loved ones will be grateful — and feel relieved without the pressure to overspend for holiday gifts.

Capture the Moments 

Photo gifts are lovely, memorable and inexpensive. Pick from any number of online services to create photo books, calendars and mugs, and watch out for promo codes: these merchants offer deep discounts in November and December.

DIY – Ultimate Creative Gift Giving

’Tis the season for crafting and creativity. Search the web for inspiration for homemade ornaments, décor, beauty products and a thousand-and-one Mason jar gifts. For parents of small children, frame your kids’ artwork to delight other family members. The possibilities for thoughtful, unexpected DIY gifts are endless. We’ve collected lots of great ideas on our Thrifty Gifty Pinterest board.

Share a Read 

Booklovers are always searching for their next great read. Select your favorites and inscribe the book covers with a personal message.

Give the Gift of You 

Do you have a flair for organizing, decorating or fixing things? Package your skills for loved ones with the promise of a homemade dinner, babysitting or handyman work.

Do Black Friday Right 

Thanksgiving weekend has become a competitive sport for shoppers and retailers alike. Take advantage of the lowest prices of the season, but be savvy about your purchases: make a list and commit to sticking to it before stepping foot into a store or visiting a retail website. If you worry about the temptation to overspend, sit out Black Friday this year and try one of these relaxing activities instead.

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