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5 Free Ways to Save on Heating Costs

Good news! The Energy Information Administration predicts that average household heating costs will be down by approximately $19 this winter – the first drop since 2001-2002. If you’d like to save even more on home heating costs, here are 5 free ideas you can do right now. They may seem small and simple, but they’ll help you save in the long run. learn easy ways to save on heating costs

Fan Club

There are two types of household fans that can help you save on heating costs: exhaust fans and ceiling fans. Did you know that running an exhaust fan in the bathroom or kitchen for an hour can drain a home of all its warm air? Be sure to turn it off as soon as it’s done its job.

If you have ceiling fans in your home, you can use them to maximize the heat by setting the blades to run in reverse. This simple trick  actually pushes the warm air down and helps it circulate throughout the room to eliminate cold spots. Not sure which direction it should be going? Easy. The blades should be turning clockwise as you look up at them.

Clear the Vents

Vents that are covered by rugs or furniture prevent warm air from circulating efficiently. Check all the vents in every room to be sure they’re unobstructed. If there are rooms in your home no one uses, close those vents completely. This simple tip can really help you save on heating costs.

Let the Sun Shine In

Another fast and easy way to save on heating is to open all the curtains and shades on windows with southern exposure during the day to soak up the sun and add natural warmth. Just remember to close them before sundown to stop heat from escaping.

Turn Down the Thermostat

You can save up to 3% on heating costs for every degree you turn back the thermostat. That’s a pretty good reason to cuddle up in a warm sweater and wooly socks! Also, if no one is home during the day, try lowering the thermostat by 10 degrees and turning it back up when you get home to save even more.

In Hot Water

Don’t stop with the thermostat, turn down the water heater, too! Lowering the temperature to between 115 and 120 degrees can help you save on heating costs, without a noticeable difference water temperature when in use.

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