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10 Tips to Save $50 This Month

Could you use some extra cash? Most of us can, especially with the challenges of high gas prices, a sluggish job market and salary freezes. To help you free up more cash this month, we’ve provided 10 simple ways you can save $50.

  1. Cheap Gas: Visit sites like gasbuddy.com to find the lowest gas prices in your neighborhood. Be sure to check out the mobile app, too, when you’re on the road and need to fill up.coffee-drinks
  2. Skip the Drinks: Stop ordering drinks when you go out. Skip the margarita or Diet Coke in favor of water with lemon – you’ll be glad when it’s time to pay the tab.
  3. Shop Off-Season: Instead of paying top-dollar for the latest fashions, browse the racks at discount stores like Ross, Marshall’s and TJ Maxx. They stock high-quality, brand-name clothing and shoes – at a significantly reduced price.
  4. Negotiate for Damaged Goods: Many stores will give you a 20-percent discount or more for slightly damaged items – such as a missing button or barely-visible spot – you just have to ask.
  5. Price Match: If your neighborhood retailer offers price-matching, take advantage! If nothing else, simply price-match your produce at Walmart for quick and easy savings. You can also save on printer ink, copy paper and other office supplies by price-matching at stores like Staples.
  6. Buy Store Brands: Shop generic and enjoy identical products at a considerably lower cost.
  7. Utility Bills: Consider asking your utility company to charge you a flat rate each month to balance out the seasonal highs and lows. You’ll notice the benefits in the hot summer and cold winter months, when energy usage is highest.
  8. Evaluate your Cable: If you’re paying for channels you never watch, consider a lower-priced cable package. If you’re intent on shaving monthly costs, you may even consider canceling cable altogether in favor of Internet TV providers.buy-generic
  9. Cancel Phone Features: If your cell is your primary phone, get rid of the fancy features on your land-line. You may not need call-waiting, three-way calling, caller ID or even voicemail. Or, consider getting rid of your landline altogether.
  10. Spending Log: Write down every purchase to keep a log of your spending. This may seem tedious, but you’ll be surprised to see where your money goes – and you’ll likely think twice before making unnecessary purchases.


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