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What Your Kid Doesn’t Need for College

Sending your kid off to college is exciting, nerve-wracking and above all – expensive! On top of tuition and housing costs, your newly minted college student is going to need all the essentials to create a home away from home. The costs can add up fast. But the good news is there are several pricier items that might seem like necessities, but really aren’t. Take a look at what your kid doesn’t need for college.   there are plenty of things you don't need for college


Almost all colleges and universities have a print lab and ample opportunities to print documents wirelessly. You’ll not only save money by not buying a new printer, you’ll save long-term by not buying paper and ink refills. Plus, your kid will save valuable dorm room space.


Kids might balk at this one, but having a TV in the dorm room is not necessary. With screens on their laptops, tablets, and cell phones, they can stream just about anything whenever they want. If they really miss watching a big screen, heading to the communal TV lounge is a great way to make new friends. Plus, no TV in the room means a potentially quieter study environment.

 Single-Use Appliances

Popcorn makers, toasters, coffee makers – they’re all convenient, and may seem necessary, but in reality they just take up valuable, limited space. Plus, use of such appliances is against the rules in many dorms. Communal dorm kitchens or TV rooms often have these items and more available to take care of late night cravings.

 Maxed Out Meal Plans

You don’t want your kid to starve without your cooking, so you sign them up for the most generous meal plan offered. The truth is most kids utilize the meal plans a lot less than you’d think. Take a look at all of the plans offered and get together with your son or daughter to see what they think they’ll realistically need. Be sure to re-evaluate at the end of each semester and adjust accordingly based on actual plan usage.

A Vehicle 

This is another one that kids might not agree with. But, at least from the beginning, there are a lot of good reasons for your kids not to have a car at college. Campuses and college towns are designed for walkability. It’s good exercise to battle the Freshman 15 and helps kids become familiar with their neighbors and the local haunts. Plus, not having a car eliminates the need to pay for gas, maintenance and insurance.

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