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Have you ever looked at your credit card statements and been shocked by how long it would take to pay them off? Or gone grocery shopping and spent far more than you planned? Or wondered if that gym membership is really worth the monthly fee?

Nonprofit credit counseling can help you address these issues, along with a host of others related to how you save and spend your hard-earned money. You’ll gain a better understanding of your unique personal finances and learn ways to improve your situation.


Nonprofit credit counseling with Take Charge America is always free and 100% confidential. You’ll work with a certified credit counselor who’s compassionate and understanding. Don’t worry about shocking them with your story – they’ve seen just about every personal financial predicament imaginable.

Once your counselor gains a complete understanding of your income, expenses and debts, you’ll work together on a budget that will help you make the most of your money. If you don’t like the word ‘budget,’ just think of it as a plan for financial success.

You’ll find out if what you’re spending on essentials like food and housing is in line with the average for your area, and how you can cut those costs if it’s not. Plus, you’ll talk about the importance of establishing emergency savings and how you can do that on your current income.

You don’t have to be struggling financially to seek credit counseling. Anyone can benefit from learning how to spend and save wisely and establish savings goals.

Of course, if you are in a bind financially, nonprofit credit counseling will help you discover the options available to get you back on track. These may include seeking internal hardship plans from creditors (generally a short-term solution) or a debt management plan, which is a more comprehensive solution that can could help you pay off all credit card debt in five years or less.


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