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Try These 5 Crazy Ways to Save

Sometimes, it pays to go a little crazy to save some money. If you have tried everything you can think of to save and still can’t make ends meet, or you’d just like to challenge yourself to save a little more because you need some extra cash going into the holiday season, try a few of these crazy ways to save.

Turn Off the Lights

Designate one night a week to be electricity free. Turn off the lights and eat dinner by candlelight. Then watch videos, read or go online on a laptop or tablet – but only for as long as the battery lasts. If you don’t have a mobile device, tell ghost stories, play board games, read by flashlight, or just enjoy a quiet, peaceful evening and go to bed early.     4805087

See a Penny, Pick it Up

And that goes for nickels, dimes, and quarters, too. Pick up any spare change you see and start a change jar just for that purpose. You’ll be surprised how much can add up over just a few months. Want to get serious about it? Check around vending machines and in the coin returns for unclaimed change.

Find New Uses for Coffee Grounds

Make that morning cup o’ Joe count for more than just waking you up. Used coffee grounds have a multitude of handy uses. Take a handful into your shower and rub them on rough areas as a cheap, effective and delicious-smelling way to get soft smooth skin. Many gardeners swear that coffee grounds placed around their rose bushes are the key to award-winning blooms. And if you have problems with ants, slugs or snails, coffee grounds placed in their path will send them searching for a new stomping ground.

Reuse Disposable Items

Things like foil, plastic bags and even plastic wrap can all be used more than once. Simply rinse them off, allow to dry and use them again. Better yet, making a small investment in glass food storage containers is even better for you, your wallet and the environment.

Get Schooled

So this one isn’t too crazy, but it does make good sense. Have your hair cut (or colored or styled) at a local beauty or barber school. It will cost you far less than a swanky salon or barbershop. And you don’t have to worry about the outcome. By the time they’re working on clients, students have already had several months of study and will be fully supervised. An instructor should also be available to offer tips and put the finishing touches on a cut, if needed.

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