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With back-to-school sales over and Black Friday more than a month away, you may think there are no bargains to be had this time of year. But the period between now and the peak holiday shopping season is actually a surprisingly good time to shop for a wide range of items — from fresh produce to new cars. Here are the top five things to buy in the Fall.

Fruits & Vegetables

In-season produce is always going to be cheaper and more delicious than out-of-season produce. Fall brings a number of delicious and versatile offerings to the produce department including: apples, pears, cranberries, honeydew melon, tangerines and oranges. In November, add grapefruit to your shopping list, too. Stretch your food budget by buying in bulk and canning or freezing when appropriate.


Retailers stockpile denim for back-to-school season and now they need to clear out what didn’t sell to make room for holiday merchandise. You will probably find prices even lower than typical sale prices on jeans for every member of the family. For maximum versatility stick to classic styles with minimal distressing or embellishments.       5545763

Swimsuits and Summer Apparel

At this point, retailers are really tired of dealing with swimsuits and summer clothing —  many will offer clearance pricing up to 80% off original retail. And even if you don’t find it in-store, check your favorite retailers’ websites for clearance merchandise. You’ll score some amazing bargains that will be ready and waiting when the warm weather returns.

Grills and Lawn Mowers

Just like summer apparel, these seasonal products are taking up valuable sales floor and warehouse space and retailers want them gone. If you need a new lawn mower or grill and have money in your budget, this is the perfect time to buy.

New Vehicles

While obviously not an impulse purchase, if you need a new vehicle, from now until the end of the year is the right time to buy one. Dealerships started receiving next year’s models in September and the discounts will gradually increase through December. You’ll have maximum negotiating power and get more for your money than at any other time of the year.

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