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5 Ways to Save Money on Moving

MakeYourMoveforLessWhether you’re just moving across town or making a major move across the country, moving is stressful. So stressful, in fact, that many mental health experts place it near the top of the list of most stressful life events. It’s not just the move itself, but the planning, disruption of routine and the expense of moving that make it so unpleasant.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. With the right attitude (it’s a new start and that’s always exciting) and these tips for saving money on your move, you can get through it with less stress.

Choose Movers Carefully 

We’ve all heard the horror stories about movers who are careless, slow or just can’t get the job done. A little research will help you weed out the bad ones. Visit Better Business Bureau and search for movers with an ‘A’ rating. Choose three and call to receive and compare pricing estimates. You can also check with trusted family and friends to see if they’ve used movers they were happy with.

Lighten Your Load 

The more you move, the more you will have to pay, especially if you’re hiring a professional or renting a truck. Go through clothing, shoes, household items, and all the clutter in your attic or garage and get rid of what you no longer need, want or use. Have a yard sale and use the proceeds to pay for the move, or call a local charity and have them come pick it up in one big batch.

Avoid Wasting Food

Don’t let good food go to waste. Eat as much as you can out of your pantry, fridge and freezer before the move. You won’t have to worry about packing and moving perishables or breakable jars. Plus you’ll want to restock for a fresh start when you get settled in your new place.

Don’t Buy Boxes

Check grocery, warehouse stores or recycling facilities for boxes, ask friends and family for spares or start collecting the computer paper boxes from work. They’re an easily manageable size and the separate lid minimizes the need for excess packing tape.

 Select ‘Off’ Days 

Saturday is the most popular day to move. It’s also the most expensive. Prices for truck rentals or professional movers are higher on weekends. Consider moving mid-week to avoid paying more than you need to.

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