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Easy Tips for Getting Organized on a Budget

If you find yourself spending too much time looking for car keys, the right sweater, your cell phone or other necessities, it’s time to get organized. A disorganized home doesn’t just cost you time and stress, it also costs money. Think of the times you couldn’t find something and bought it new, only to discover you already had it.  Have fun getting organized without spending hundreds on a trip to the Container Store. Here’s how:

Make Sure Everything has a Place     

tips for getting organized on a budget

 Designate a specific place for everything – keys on a hook by the door, for example, or the cell phone charger always plugged into the same outlet. After you use an item, take a minute to put it back where you found it. That minute will save you the time and frustration you might spend searching for it later.

Sell and Donate to Create Space

While you are organizing, take time to set aside any items you no longer need. These unused items are taking up space and making it harder for you to find what you need. Consider offering things you no longer use to family or friends, donating them to a favorite charity or selling them. You can host a garage sale or use sites like and to easily sell gently used items.

Contain the Clutter

Use multi-sized containers and drawer organizers to group smaller items so they don’t get lost. You can get creative and use shoeboxes, empty tissue or cereal boxes, or  plastic tubs or dishes to store items. Additionally, you can find low-cost containers at dollar or discount stores.

Practice the “One In, One Out” Rule

A great way to minimize clutter is following the “one in, one out rule.” This means that when you bring in something new, like a pair of shoes or a new toy, you have to get rid of an item in that same category. It not only helps cut down on clutter, but makes you think twice about what you’re willing to give up to bring in something new.

Getting organized on a budget can be fun and rewarding. Get creative and find the tools that work best for you.

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