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Get Moving — How to Save When Relocating

Whether you are moving across town or across the country, relocating can be an expensive undertaking. From moving your belongings, to traveling, to setting up your new home once you get there, there are plenty of opportunities to overspend along the way. These tips will help you save when relocating.        Man's hands packing a moving a box with a woman packing boxes in the background.

Do Your Research

Spend some time researching what it’s going to cost to live in your new location. Be sure to include housing, food, insurance, childcare and even things like entertainment expenses and gym memberships. Rework your current budget with the new numbers and be sure that you will be able to cover the costs of living in your new location.

Ask for Assistance

If you’re moving for a job, be sure to ask about and utilize any relocation assistance your new employer offers. If they don’t have a relocation program, add the cost of the move into your salary request or ask for a signing bonus to help you cover those costs.

Sort & Sell

This is your chance to sort and get rid of all that clutter you’ve been meaning to work through. Once you’ve determined what you’re going to take with you, have a blow-out yard sale to get rid of everything else, then use the profits to cover some of the cost of the move. Donate what doesn’t sell to a local nonprofit (don’t even think of paying to keep it in storage).

Collect & Cancel

If you have a security, cleaning or pet deposit or any utility deposits on file, be sure to collect them before you move. It will be much easier than trying to do it over the phone after you leave. Additionally, remember to cancel any recurring memberships, such as the gym or yoga studio. If you’ve paid for any annual memberships, see if you can receive a pro-rated refund for the months you didn’t use.

Pack with a Purpose

Though it’s tempting to just throw things in boxes and worry about it later, doing so can actually cost you money. You’ll get to your new home with no idea of where to find what you need, and end up buying duplicate versions of necessities to save time. To help you save when relocating, take the time to carefully pack and mark boxes with their contents. The extra few minutes you spend now will save you money in the long run.

Stay with Friends & Family

If your relocation includes a road trip to reach your destination, plan your route so you can stay with friends or family at stops along the way. It will save the cost of spending nights in a hotel and make the transition to your new destination a little easier by seeing some familiar faces along the way.

Don’t Shop Until You Unpack

When you’re in a new place, it’s tempting to want all new things in it. But don’t go shopping until you unpack everything and see what you actually need. You might be surprised to find that your old stuff takes on new life in different surroundings.

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