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Find Free Fun at the Library

When was the last time you went to the library? If you can’t remember, it’s been too long. Your local library is loaded with free, fun things to see and do — all you need is a library card. To celebrate National Library Week, here’s a rundown of all the cool, free stuff available to you at the library.

Books, Books, Books

Of course, the library is chock full of hardcover and paperback books, in every fiction and non-fiction genre you can imagine. But did you know most libraries now let you borrow eBooks? Not only that, some will actually let modern library offering free family funyou borrow various eReaders to try before you buy. The next time you’re tempted to use one-click buying to download the latest best-seller, check to see if you can borrow it from the library instead. And don’t forget audio books, they’re available to borrow, too.

Music & Movies

Even if you’ve moved on to streaming your music and movies, it’s hard to deny the appeal of free entertainment. Check out your library’s selection of CDs and DVDs and to enjoy a wide variety of titles you might not otherwise think to try. You just might find some new favorites.

Newspapers & Magazines

Cut the clutter in your living space and save money by reading your periodicals at the library. They have a much bigger selection than you could ever subscribe to on your own. Plus, you get to enjoy them in peace, quiet and climate-controlled comfort and save some trees while you’re at it.

WiFi & Computer Access

Pop into the nearest library to find free wi-fi and computer access. The library is also a great place for kids to be online because many questionable topics and sites are blocked automatically.

Events, Exhibits & More

From meet the author events to exhibits of local historical artifacts and fine art showcases, there’s always something special happening at the library. Look for things like kids’ summer reading programs and book clubs for all ages, too. Plus, many libraries offer access to small group meeting space for a nominal fee.

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