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Discover the Benefits of Online Credit Counseling

When you’re struggling with high levels of credit card debt, it can feel like your only option is to keep paying as much as you can each month and wait for the debt to someday go away. But paying minimum payments on multiple credit cards can feel like running on a hamster wheel: you’re working hard, but not really getting anywhere.

Fortunately, online credit counseling can help you evaluate your current financial situation and figure out a plan to get out of debt more quickly. Here are just some of the benefits of online credit counseling.  Woman completing a free financial review on her iPad

Available When You Are

Because you complete your free financial review online, you can do it any time it’s convenient for you. And the process works smoothly on your phone, tablet or laptop. Once you create an account, you can access it any time.

Safe and Confidential

We know it’s not always easy to talk about personal things like money. With our online credit counseling, you don’t have to. Any information you share with us stays safe, secure and confidential. When you complete your session, you cancall one of our certified counselors to confirm your debt solution, but they won’t ask to hear your life story (unless you feel like sharing it).

Go at Your Own Pace

Although online credit counseling is quick (it should take around 20 minutes), we know you might not be able to finish in one sitting. If you have to stop and start, it’s easy to pick up where you left off. And as we mentioned, it’s just as easy to finish on your phone as your desktop(or vice versa). Plus, if life gets in the way and you forget to finish, we’ll send youa reminder.

Personalized for Your Situation

Because every person’s circumstances are unique, you’ll receive a summary of your credit report and get a personalized budget and money-saving tips based on your individual responses. We don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

See All Your Options

Once you complete your free financial review, you’ll receive a personalized recommendation for managing your credit card debt. One of the options may be a Debt Management Plan,which offers significant savings and benefits, including:

  • The convenience of a single monthly payment
  • Reduced interest rates
  • Waived late or over-limit fees
  • A path to bring accounts current

If you choose this option, you’ll follow up with a counselor. They will provide some additional information and finalize the details to get your plan started.

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