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Celebrate Halloween on a Budget

As the weather cools and giant bags of candy corn begin appearing in the stores, it can only mean one thing: Halloween is just around the corner. Once a holiday mostly focused on kids and candy, Halloween has become big business with consumers of all ages. So big, in fact, the National Retail Federation predicts we’ll spend almost $7 billion on candy, costumes and Halloween décor this year.

You can lessen your contribution to that total by following these easy ways to have Halloween on a budget.                                    Celebrate Halloween on a budget

Double Duty Décor

Rather than decorating your home specifically for Halloween, choose fall-themed décor that can carry your through Thanksgiving, too. Rustic colors, pumpkins, leaves, burlap and spice-scented candles will bring autumn warmth to your living space throughout October and November. You won’t just save money, you’ll also save time and storage space by having just one set of décor.

Candy Co-op

Passing out candy can get expensive, especially if you live in a heavily trafficked area. Rather than going it alone, get together a group of neighbors and buy candy in bulk together. Set up a trick-or-treat station in front of one house and take turns passing out the candy, or hang out together for the evening and make it a mini block party.

Cashless Costumes

You could contribute to the $2.8 billion people will spend on Halloween costumes this year. Or you could get creative and make them yourself. There’s no reason to drop a lot of cash on a costume kids (or adults) will only wear once. Plus it’s more fun to challenge yourself and get the creativity flowing. There’s a lot you can do with the makeup, hats, scarves, jewelry, bags and odds ‘n ends you already have around the house.

Costume Swap

Another way to avoid dropping cash on costumes is a costume swap. Get together with other families who have kids around the same age and let them trade costumes. It’s an easy, fun way to get a ‘new’ costume, without spending a dime. Free costumes are the essence of celebrating Halloween on a budget.

Skip Pet Costumes

Sure, that picture of your pug dressed up as a pirate would make a fun Instagram post, but is it really worth the expense? Pet costumes are pricey, and very few pets actually enjoy being dressed up in restrictive clothing. You’re better off spending just a few dollars on a cute Halloween collar or bandana instead.

Cash in on Clearance

Mark your calendar for November 1 to cash in on half-price Halloween candy to use as holiday treats and stocking stuffers. Store candy in the freezer or in a cool, dry place and it will still be delicious when the holidays roll around in less than two months.

Looking for other fun fall stuff to do? Check out this list list of fall activities that won’t break the bank.

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