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If you have kids, you’re either about to start or have already been back-to-school shopping for this school year. That means your home is filled with an influx of new clothes, shoes, sporting equipment and more. If your kids’ rooms are overflowing and your storage closets are bursting at the seams, it’s the perfect time to sort through things and get rid of all the stuff your kids have outgrown or lost interest in. And the best part? You can make money doing it. That’s right! It’s time to cash in on kids’ stuff.

Sporting Goods and Equipment

Kids love to try new sports and activities, and they should! But not every sport is a natural fit for every kid. If you have a garage or storage room filled to bursting with the ghosts of sports past, find what’s still in good condition (nothing worn, torn or broken) and take it into your local sporting goods consignment store. You’ll get a few bucks (or more) and you’ll give another family the opportunity to save some money when their kid decides to try that sport.                                                    JIP0014577

Video Game Systems and Games

You may have heard the story about the man who made $9,000 selling a long-forgotten Nintendo game cartridge. While those valuable finds are rare, you can still make money from your kids’ video game habit. There are several good options for selling used video games, including game stores, Ebay and Craigslist. Have your kids help you sort through the games to decide what they’d like to keep and what they’re willing to sell. Consider splitting the profits and letting kids save that money toward buying their next new game or gaming system.                        

Kids’ Clothing and Shoes

Few things are more frustrating than going through clothing your child has outgrown and finding those brand new pieces with the tags still attached. It feels just like throwing money away! But you can ease that pain a bit by selling your child’s brand-new or gently used clothing on consignment. You’ll make more than you would by selling it a yard sale, and with a lot less hassle. There are even some consignment stores that will directly deposit your profits into your PayPal account. It couldn’t be easier!


Just like clothing, kids can outgrow toys, too. With the exception of those few ultimate favorites, most kids’ interest in a new toy doesn’t last that long. To avoid toys becoming a clutter nightmare, go through them every few months and sell the ones your kids no longer play with. It’s actually a great activity for you and your children to do together and a good way to begin talking about the difference between wants and needs.

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