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Back to School, Back on Budget

Many parents are filled with mixed emotions as “back to school time” comes around each year. They’re excited for their kids to venture outside of the house and hit the books, yet they’re fearful of the costs associated with it. Books, backpacks, supplies, clothes, extracurricular activities, tuition… the list goes on and on.

It’s important not to get overwhelmed. Going back to school doesn’t need to break the bank. In this educational series, we’ll provide you with tips for managing costs and saving for the future.

  • Back to School Shopping – We’ll show you how timing your shopping can help you save big, plus leveraging the power of groups.
  • Adult Education – Did you put off higher education for children, a job or perhaps to travel? Adults reentering the education system after a large gap need to be aware of certain costs that may have not been a concern in their teens and early twenties.
  • College Costs – The financial landscape is changing for college students. Tuition is higher than ever before, and more restrictions are being placed on credit cards and student loans. How can you save money in light of these economic restraints?

Check out the financial calculators and The Budget Doctor for additional tools and advice to help you stay on budget during “back to school” season.

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