Why Should You Choose Take Charge America?

Finding solutions to your financial challenges may seem overwhelming. There are many options for assistance, but few come with the combination of compassion, expertise and support you’ll find at Take Charge America. We value your trust and make every effort to uphold the highest level of customer service. Our experience, highly qualified counselors and free education are just a few reasons TCA is the right choice to help with your financial challenges.

More Than 25 Years of Experience

Since 1987, we have helped people pay off debts and reach financial goals. As a nonprofit, we are committed to supporting individuals and families in their efforts to achieve financial independence. Every day we help people overcome challenges and effectively manage their personal finances.

Highly Trained, Certified Credit Counselors

Our credit counselors receive certification from The Association of Financial Counseling and Planning Education, where they are trained on personal finance education, ethical practices, creditor policies and customer service skills. Our counselors are compassionate, ethical and committed to helping you.

All credit counselors certified by the AFCPE must demonstrate their ability to help our clients:

  • Manage money effectively
  • Overcome debt challenges and change poor financial habits
  • Develop successful strategies to achieve financial goals
  • Work through financial challenges and opportunities
  • Develop a new perspective on financial management as it relates to family, friends and individual self-esteem

We also provide ongoing support and education to ensure our training and coaching procedures reflect these values.
Our credit counselor certification and education requirements include:

  • Credit report training and examination as established through the Fair Credit Reporting Act
  • An intensive 8-week training program focusing on personal finance education, ethical practices, creditor policies and customer service skills
  • Ongoing training throughout employment to enhance personal finance and counseling skills

Free Financial Education

As a nonprofit organization, our mission is to provide sound financial education to both clients and the public. We provide access to exclusive financial tools and educational resources at no charge. In addition, credit counseling and debt management clients can take advantage of enhanced educational resources, such as advanced budgeting software and e-learning courses. Take Charge America’s educational programs help people develop effective financial habits and budget to meet living expenses.

Accreditations and Recognition

Take Charge America has been recognized for our commitment to ethical business practices. We have earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and are the only credit counseling agency to have received the BBB Business Ethics Award recognizing ethical business practices and integrity.

Our other certifications and recognition include:

  • Certification from the International Standards Organization (ISO) for quality management
  • US-Trustee-approval to issue certificates in compliance with the Bankruptcy Code*
  • Arizona State Quality Award for performance excellence

* Approval does not endorse or assure the quality of an agency’s services.

Community Aid

We partner with more than 50 community groups, governmental organizations and educational institutions to better reach those experiencing financial challenges and assist these organizations in supporting local communities. We work with these resources to get clients the help they need, even if we can’t provide it.

Certifications and Memberships

TCA is a member of several reputable organizations, both locally and nationally. We have also received certifications for our high work standards and quality management and are proud to be affiliated with the groups below.