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onsite yoga is one of the most popular employment perks

When evaluating job offers, we almost always look at salary first. And while it’s certainly important to be paid what you’re worth, there are other valuable employee benefits to consider. In some cases, these perks directly affect your bottom line. In others, they simply make the workplace a better place to be. From a generous 401(k) match, to assistance with student loan repayment and much more take a look at these valuable employment perks that go beyond salary:

Retirement Savings

More than 30 percent of Americans have $5,000 or less saved for retirement. And many haven’t yet put away a single penny for the future. That’s why an employer-sponsored 401(k) plan is such an important benefit. It gives you the chance to save pre-tax money and in most cases, receive a percentage in matching funds from your employer. It makes saving for retirement automatic and effortless.

Student Loan Repayment Assistance

As America’s college graduates continue to struggle with student loan debt, more employers are pitching in to help. Many companies are now offering assistance to ease the burden of student loan debt. Of course, terms and conditions of these programs vary by employer, but if you’re in the process of paying back student loans, it’s one of the employment perksonsite yoga is one of the most popular employment perks worth asking about.

Health and Wellness Programs

Many companies talk the talk when it comes to wellness. But look for one that backs up the talk with action. On-site fitness facilities, meditation, yoga and free healthy snacks go a long way toward keeping you feeling good. And when you don’t have to pay for them out-of-pocket, they help you save money, too!

On-site Child Care

The cost of child care can take a big bite out of the family budget. Add in the stress of finding a reputable provider and daily pickups and drop-offs and it’s a lot to deal with. That’s why on-site child care is such an awesome employee perk. It really simplifies the daily routine. Plus, being able to take a break to see your little ones during the day is a proven morale and productivity booster.

Emphasis on Work/Life Balance

Who doesn’t love the flexibility of being able to work from home or having a variable schedule that lets them be available for family events? More employers than ever are realizing how important it is for their employees to have full lives outside of work. When evaluating job offers, look for employers who value a healthy work/life balance.

Professional Development

You invest a lot of time and effort into your job. Your employer should invest in you, too. That means offering opportunities for you to enhance your skills and grow your professional opportunities. Whether it’s tuition assistance, the opportunity to attend seminars and industry events or paying for your membership in industry-specific societies, look for an employer who’s committed to supporting your professional growth.

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