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5 Ways to Save on Self Care and Beauty Products

Whether your look is carefree and natural, classically groomed or all-out glam goddess, beauty products and treatments can take a big bite out of your budget. But we’ve uncovered tips, tricks and insider secrets that will keep you looking your best for less. Let’s see what they are:     Woman saving on beauty by applying her own makeup

Dive into DIY

There are many beauty and self-care treatments you can do at home, for a fraction of what you’d pay to have them done professionally. Some of the easiest and most cost-effective are:

  • Giving yourself a manicure or pedicure
  • Coloring your own hair (as long as it doesn’t involve bleach)
  • Doing an at home-facial

Performing these treatments at home saves you money and allows for splurges on things you really can’t do yourself, such as getting a massage.

Discover Dupes

In the world of makeup and skincare, the term ‘dupe’ is short for ‘duplicate.’ And it means a more affordable version of a popular high-end, expensive product. So, if you have your eye on that pricey, celebrity-endorsed item, do an online search for its dupe. You’re sure to find a long list of beauty influencers who have tried, tested and found the best lookalikes for less.

Choose a Signature Look

It you’re a beauty junkie, it’s fun to imagine putting on a full face of makeup every day. But really, who has the time? Find your signature look and stick to it day-to-day. You’ll save time, money and cut down on clutter by keeping only the products you use most often. When a special occasion comes up, treat yourself to something new and fun like a shimmery eyeliner or bold lip color.

Find Your Beauty Guru

Beauty remains one of the fastest-growing segments of content on YouTube. These ‘beauty gurus’ test products, do ratings and reviews, and provide tutorials on mastering everything from basic makeup application, to applying false eyelashes, to Kardashian-level contour. While not every influencer will be your cup of tea, find one whose style is close to yours. You’ll be able to find out how products perform and learn new techniques at home without the high-pressure sales pitch at the beauty counter.

Practice Healthy Habits

Like Mom always said, true beauty comes from within. Practicing healthy habits such as drinking plenty of water, eating a well-balanced diet, and getting plenty of sleep and regular exercise will go a long way toward achieving the healthy, vibrant glow you’re after.

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