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5 Ways to Save Money During Pregnancy

When the initial shock and excitement wears off, it hits you. Being pregnant is expensive! Of course, you’ll have plenty of reasons to spend money once the baby arrives. But the months leading up to the big day bring their own new expenses, too. Here are some ideas to help you save money during your pregnancy.   Pregnant woman thinking of ways to save money during pregnancy

Don’t Buy, Borrow

If you have friends or family who recently had a baby, there’s a good chance they have pregnancy essentials they’re willing to lend to you. They’ll have everything from baby books to maternity clothing Taking advantage of hand-me-downs means you can put aside more money to help with other expenses.

Find the Freebies

Brands that cater to moms are eager to earn your loyalty, and they’re happy to give you the freebies to prove it. From free diapers and wipes to baby leggings and shoes, there are loads of free things waiting for you to try. For example, sign up for a baby registry at Target, and you’ll receive a gift bag loaded with free samples and high-value coupons. Simply do a Google search for “free stuff during pregnancy” and you’ll find a long list.

Join the Clubs

Similar to offering free stuff, many brands have loyalty clubs that allow you to earn discounts, free products and redeem points for baby toys, books and more. Pampers and Huggies diapers have rewards programs. Similac has their Strong Moms program and Seventh Generation has Generation Good. Register for these and other programs during your pregnancy so you’re set up and ready to go when the time comes.

Adopt a Minimalist Wardrobe

Depending on how your body changes, you might need to wear maternity clothing sooner or later than you expected. When you start shopping for it, start with the basics. Some black pants, a pair of jeans and a few fun tops are a great place to start. Many women are able to continue wearing their regular clothing for a while, with a few adjustments. A belly band or tummy sleeve lets you wear your regular pants or jeans unbuttoned to accommodate your bump. Sometimes simply sizing up from your usual size, rather than buying maternity-specific items, works well, too.

Start Stocking Up

During your third trimester, start stocking up on household essentials like paper products, cleaning supplies, and pantry staples. You want to have everything you need in the house when the baby arrives so you can avoid running out and relying on expensive trips to the convenience store or having items delivered.

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