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5 Tips for Throwing a Super Bowl Party on a Budget

Who doesn’t love a good Super Bowl party? With food, drink, and football to enjoy there is something for everyone. With all of the fun options for a fun Super Bowl party out there, however, planning can quickly get out of hand, along with your budget.

Here are some tips to help you save money while you celebrate the big game!


 It’s always important to make sure your weekend activities work with your budget. Super Bowl Sunday is no exception. Hosting a grill fest with brats, grilled wings and ribs for all sounds great, but will easily blow any budget.

Super-Bowl-Party Plan

Do you have enough room to serve planned food and drink for all of your guests? Are basic food and serving needs covered? Simply thinking about all of the logistics ahead of time will pay you back in peace of mind. Not having to make last minute trips to the store for anything helps your budget.

Party Potluck Style

Consider coordinating a menu with your friends, with each guest bringing a dish to share. Everyone will have something they like to eat, guaranteed, and the host will save money on food costs.


Whatever you serve, don’t buy premade food items. Preparing the food yourself will always save you money. Remember to budget your time as well as your money, though. Football-themed appetizers and desserts look amazing, and it can be tempting to bring out your inner Martha Stewart – but unless you create food projects like this every week, keep it simple. Your friends will enjoy yummy party snacks, football shaped or not.

Add to the Fun for Free

Keep things going all afternoon: start a football pool, or quiz your friends with some friendly Super Bowl trivia. You can provide simple dollar store items as prizes, but everyone loves to earn bragging rights, and they won’t cost you a thing.

Got your game plan? Great! Now take a breath, keep it simple and enjoy the game. You’ll have a great party and your budget will thank you.

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