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5 Super-Fun and Frugal Staycation Ideas

As we head into a post-pandemic summer, you’re ready to take a break from the daily grind. But you might not be ready — or have the funds — to travel for a full vacation. The good news is, staying close to home doesn’t have to mean sticking to the same old routines. Here are some easy, cheap and really fun staycation ideas:

Movie Marathon

If your idea of summer fun means plenty of air conditioning and a darkened room, this one’s for you. Pick a movie series — The Marvel movies, Star Wars, The Twilight Saga, The Godfather trilogy — and allow yourself the time to watch them all in sequence. Whip up some fun snacks and drinks, lower the lights, turn off the phones and go to the movies – for hours and hours — in the comfort of your own home.                     a backyard water park is a fun staycation idea

Backyard Camping

Campgrounds and national parks are going to be packed all summer. Avoid all that and set up a mini campsite right in your own backyard. Pitch a tent, cook over a fire, tell ghost stories and enjoy having the comforts of home nearby. Plus, it’s a perfect way to introduce little ones to the concept of camping.

DIY Waterpark

Skip the long lines, dirty water and overpriced concessions and transform your backyard into a water wonderland. Set up a Slip ‘n Slide, fire up the Super Soakers, turn on the hose, fill up a batch of water balloons and let the kids go crazy!

Spa Day

Gather your girlfriends, whip up some DIY spa treatments and spend the day pampering yourselves. Light some scented candles, play relaxing music, put out a few pitchers of fruit-infused water and enjoy some quiet time and catching up with the friends you haven’t seen much of lately.

Overnight Escape

If you have a little leftover stimulus money burning a hole in your pocket, hop on one of the discount travel sites and a grab a hotel room in your town for the night for the ultimate staycation. Be sure to choose one that has a great pool, then pack an overnight bag and head over for a day and night of relaxation. You’ll be amazed at how just one or two nights away can leave you feeling refreshed.

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