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5 Fun and Educational Financial Apps for Kids

When it comes to teaching kids about money and financial topics, there are more resources available than ever before, including apps. Chances are your kids spend plenty of downtime looking at their screens, so why not make that time productive with apps and games that teach them about money management, banking basics, investments, and more? Let’s take a look at some of our favorite financial apps for kids.     young siblings using financial apps for kids on a smartphone

FamZoo Family Finance

If you want a money management app that grows with your kids, this is a great choice. It connects the whole family in a virtual banking environment, with parents as the bankers and kids as the customers. Parents can manage chores, odd jobs, and allowances by loading money onto pre-paid debit cards for kids to manage. Together, you review their spending and discuss their choices. Parents can also provide loans that kids pay back in installments. Plus, kids can set up and work toward goals for saving, charitable giving, and investing.


It’s an allowance manager, chore chart, piggy bank, and savings tracker all rolled into one. Parents can automate allowances on a regular schedule and deposit money into kids’ accounts for additional odd jobs, gifts or incentive rewards (like good grades). Kids can also set savings goals and there’s a “safe” feature that helps them understand the difference between short- and long-term savings.

If you’d rather keep things virtual, you can use “star money” within the app, instead of actual money. You’ll teach kids the same concepts without using real funds.

AdVenture Capitalist

Kids who are curious about investments or have an entrepreneurial streak will love this game. It allows them to build an empire starting with a humble (virtual) lemonade stand. As their business grows and investments pay off, they can work their way into becoming mini moguls with multiple businesses and the power to “hire” employees. It’s a fun way to learn about the basics of owning and managing a business, investing, and speculating. No actual money changes hands but be aware that in-app purchases to boost gameplay are available.


Developed by an 11-year-old girl and her father, Bankaroo is a simple, straightforward virtual banking app. It allows kids to keep a record of deposits and withdrawals and set up a budget, savings goals, and tracker for recurring expenses. And with bright, easy-to-read screens, it’s an ideal beginner banking app for kids just starting to learn about personal money management.

Star Banks Adventure

If you have a middle-schooler who enjoys science fiction, they’ll get a kick out of Star Banks Adventure. Designed by investment management firm T. Rowe Price, this game features aliens and space adventures that teach lessons about setting goals, saving, asset allocation, and more. Plus, color-coded star banks and progress bars make it easy for kids to track progress toward their goals.

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