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5 Benefits of Maintaining Good Credit

By now, you probably know that a high credit score is better than a low one, but do you know all the reasons that’s true? A good FICO score and solid credit history can have a positive impact on many facets of your life. If you’re not there yet, don’t worry! You can improve your score over time by practicing responsible use of credit, including keeping your credit utilization low. Here are several benefits of good credit.      learn the benefits of a good credit score

Easier to Get a Loan

Maintaining a good credit score shows that you use credit responsibly. When banks or other lenders see this, it lets them know that you are a good credit risk and more likely to pay back the money you’re asking them to loan to you.

Lower Interest Rates on Credit Cards or Loans

You know when you see those commercials offering 0% or extremely low financing? Those impressive rates are reserved for customers with equally impressive credit. If you want to keep your interest rates low, keep your credit score high. You’ll see more generous credit limits, too.

Easier to Rent an Apartment

Apartments routinely check consumers’ credit for the same reason lenders do. They want to make sure that if they allow you to live there, you’re going to pay the rent in full, on time, every month. Your excellent credit offers them peace of mind that you are more likely to do that.

Improved Chance of Getting a Job

While prospective employers can’t view your credit score, they can see a version of your credit report that includes payment history. Employers look at it from a responsibility standpoint. They think if you use credit responsibly, pay your bills on time and aren’t overextended, you are probably more likely to be a responsible employee, too. On the other hand, bad credit can cause employers to hesitate during the hiring process.

Low or No Security Deposits

You probably love your cell phone and enjoy electricity and running water, right? Good credit means you will be able to get all those things (and more) without having to put down a big chunk of money up-front as a security deposit. Utility companies and other service providers are happy to offer their services to customers who have a history of paying bills on time. It’s one of the many benefits of good credit.

If you’re not sure of your current credit score or would like tips on how to improve it, our free Credit Counseling can help.

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