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taking a tour of neighborhood holiday lights is one of the alternatives to a holiday party

Between holiday shopping and travel, there might not be much room in the budget for a big holiday party. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a fun get together with friends. It just means you need to tap into your creativity and find ways to enjoy the spirit of the season without spending a lot. Here are 5 ideas for money-saving alternatives to a holiday party to get you started.

Coffee & Christmas Lights

Take your next coffee date to the next level by adding a Christmas light tour. Plan for your group to get together at a neighborhood coffee shop. Have everyone order their favorite holiday beverage, then carpool or walk (depending on the distance and weather) to neighborhoods with impressive holiday light displays. It’s an easy, festive way to spend time together without spending much money. And if you’re not in the holiday spirit yet, seeing all the beautiful lights should do the trick.    taking a tour of neighborhood holiday lights is one of the alternatives to a holiday party

Host a Wrap Party

Wrapping gifts is a chore most of usually leave until the last minute. Transform that chore into a party by getting a group together to wrap gifts. Ask everyone to bring their gifts that need to be wrapped and a few extra wrapping supplies; then spend a few hours wrapping, chatting and enjoying each other’s company. You’ll get one of the holiday season’s most cumbersome tasks finished with time to spare.

Volunteer as a Group

Sometimes we all need a break from the hustle and bustle and buy-it-now frenzy of the holiday season. That’s when it’s time to stop and give back. Many organizations desperately need volunteers this time of year; you and your group can step in to help. Whether it’s a local food pantry, animal shelter or senior center, get your group together and spend an afternoon giving back to the community.

Go Caroling

If you just can’t get Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree out of your head, maybe it’s time to go caroling. If you get a big enough group together, no one will be able to tell who can’t carry a tune. Your neighbors will be surprised and delighted and it costs nothing to get a group together to spread holiday cheer with this charmingly old-fashioned tradition.

Watch Christmas Movies

From It’s a Wonderful Life to Home Alone to Elf, everyone has that one holiday movie they love to watch every year. But with so much going on, it can be hard (and make you feel guilty) to carve out time to sit and watch it. But if you have friends over to watch them together, you can do it guilt-free. Choose a night, pop popcorn, make some hot chocolate and let everyone unwind watching the holiday classics.

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