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5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2019

As 2019 comes to a close, we thought it would be interesting to see which blog posts you clicked and shared the most. It is always our goal to bring you financial information and education you can use to help you save money and reach your financial goals. Let’s take a look at the top […]

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Make Extra Money When You Cash in on Kids’ Stuff

If you have kids, you’re either about to start or have already been back-to-school shopping for this school year. That means your home is filled with an influx of new clothes, shoes, sporting equipment and more. If your kids’ rooms are overflowing and your storage closets are bursting at the seams, it’s the perfect time […]

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5 Financial Lessons to Learn from Minimalism

Do a quick online search for “minimalism” and you’ll find everything from an artistic movement to a style of decorating to a type of capsule wardrobe. The fact is, the concept of minimalism can mean different things to different people. But despite its varying interpretations, at its core, minimalism is about living with less. So, […]

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5 Essential Lessons to Live a Debt-free Life

Paying off credit card debt is a huge accomplishment (and something we can help with). But once you achieve that milestone, it might be even harder to stay out of credit card debt. Shifting your mindset and spending habits can go a long way toward allowing you to live a debt-free life. Here are 5 […]

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5 Easy Ways to Avoid Financial FOMO

“FOMO,” which is shorthand for Fear of Missing Out, can affect people of all ages. It happens when you try to keep up with what others are buying, where they’re traveling or what they’re doing, even if you can’t afford it. It’s the modern equivalent of the old phrase: Keeping Up with the Joneses. In […]

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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Purchase

It would be great if every purchase we made was carefully thought through and planned in advance. We would budget, save and only make the purchase if we could pay for it in cash, right? The truth is, almost everyone is vulnerable to making impulse purchases, both large and small. But while it can be […]

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5 Essential Financial Lessons to Teach Your Kids

If you’re a parent, you have the power to shape your children’s financial futures. From a very young age, kids see how you conduct your financial life, and will follow your lead as they start to earn, save and spend money. Be sure you are modeling the types of behaviors that will lead to your […]

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Our 5 Favorite Quotes About Saving Money

For as long as money has existed, people have had thoughts and opinions about it. And while not everyone will agree about the best ways to earn, save and spend money, many wise people have weighed in with their thoughts on money over the years. Here are several quotes about saving money that resonate with […]

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5 Overspending Triggers (and How to Beat Them)

It happens to everyone at one time or another. Despite your best efforts to stay within your budget, you find yourself spending far more than you planned. And it’s often on things you don’t need or really want. If you’re wondering why that happens learn about 5 common overspending triggers and how to overcome them. […]

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Use Kids’ Allowances to Teach Financial Lessons

Kids and allowances. It’s one of those hot-button parenting topics on which everyone is guaranteed to have an opinion, and they’re all going to be different. We’re not here to weigh in on whether or not you should give your kids an allowance. That’s a decision for every family to make based on their unique […]

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