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Do These “Frugal” Habits Really Save Money?

Everyone loves to save money and get more bang for their buck. There are countless money-saving tips that can help you do just that. But there are some so-called frugal habits that seem to make sense until you dig a little deeper and realize they probably aren’t saving you money. And in some cases, they […]

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5 Times You Should Opt Out to Save Money

From group gifts to pre-approved credit card offers, it seems every day presents unexpected reasons to spend money. If you find yourself constantly blowing your budget or getting into debt over your head, it’s time to opt out! Here’s what you should opt out of to save money — and make your life easier, too! […]

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5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Rent

Most of us have rented cars or hotel rooms, but what about renting textbooks, fitness equipment or even a wedding dress? There are many things available to rent that you’ve probably never considered, but renting rather than buying can be a real money saver; especially for things you only use occasionally. You should also consider […]

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How to Adjust Your Budget for Rising Prices

If it seems like you’re spending more lately on food, clothing, gas, and other essentials, you’re not imagining it. The Consumer Price Index, which measures the average price of goods in the U.S., rose by 5.4% from June 2020 to June 2021 — the most rapid rise since 2008. That means just about everything you’re […]

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5 Super-Fun and Frugal Staycation Ideas

As we head into what’s shaping up to be a post-pandemic summer, you’re probably ready to take a break from the daily grind. But you might not be ready — or have the funds — to travel for a full vacation. The good news is, staying close to home doesn’t have to mean sticking to […]

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Save Money with These Multitasking Products

If spending much more time at home over the past year has given you the urge to declutter your space in a big way, you’re not alone. The movement to streamline and simplify is more than trendy. It can actually make you feel happier in your home and help you save money. Let’s take a […]

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How to Negotiate Bills During the Pandemic

As we inch toward normalcy more than a year into the pandemic, many Americans are still dealing with the economic impact it has created. Whether it’s unemployment, reduced income or dealing with the medical bills after suffering COVID, individuals and families are struggling to make ends meet. Negotiating bills during the pandemic is one way […]

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Get Ready to File Your 2020 Taxes

Most of us are more than happy to put 2020 in the rearview mirror. But you’re going to have to revisit it at least one more time when you file your taxes for last year. Believe it or not, the filing deadline is just over two months away, so it’s time to start giving it […]

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Are You Making These Online Shopping Mistakes?

From groceries to gifts to household essentials, many of us have shopped online more in the past year than we ever have before. It’s safer, easier and more convenient than going into stores. Unfortunately, it can also be more expensive. And there are several common online shopping mistakes that cause people to spend more than […]

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The Most Important Financial Lessons of 2020

As we bid farewell to 2020 (not a moment too soon), one thing is sure: it was a year filled with learning experiences. And many of those lessons were financial in nature. Let’s take a look at the biggest financial lessons of 2020, and how we can use what we’ve learned in 2021 and beyond. […]

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