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Start Planning Your Post-Pandemic Finances

Although the pandemic isn’t over, the percentage of vaccinated adults is increasing by the day, which brings us closer to the end of it than we have been up to now. The thought of getting back to normal is exciting, but what will that do for your budget? Let’s take a look at preparing for […]

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5 Smart Ways to Use the Latest Stimulus Payment

On Thursday, March 12, President Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan to help Americans manage the financial implications and many other aspects of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. A major part of this legislation calls for Americans to receive a third round of stimulus funds directly from the government. Individuals earning up to $75,000 […]

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5 Home Repairs You Can’t Ignore

You’ve probably spent more time in your home this year than usual, which means more wear and tear on your house and everything in it. It might start out as a small water stain on the ceiling, a patch of missing insulation in the attic, or a small crack in the foundation. But these small […]

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You’ve Run Out of Emergency Savings — Now What?

The devastating economic effects of COVID-19 have forced millions to live off emergency savings. But as the pandemic continues to affect Americans’ financial lives, many have reached their limits and are wondering where to turn next. If you’ve exhausted your emergency stash and are now running low because of economic and job instability, some creativity […]

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Should I Use Retirement Savings to Pay for Emergencies?

The CARES Act makes it possible for consumers to take up to $100,000 from their 401(k) or 403(b) retirement plans with no penalty. And, although it is taxable, they can pay the taxes over three years. The normal 20% withholding is waived as well. The legislation passed because many people are facing significant financial challenges […]

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Hang On to These Quarantine Money Habits

Our lives have changed in so many ways over the last several months, and we can expect more changes as we all adapt to a “new normal.” For many, there’s been a radical shift for the better in how we look at spending and saving money. And these quarantine money habits are worth continuing, even […]

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Financial Resolutions for Generation Z

Often dismissed as being glued to their phones or mesmerized by their gaming consoles, members of Generation Z — those born after 1997 — have money on their minds. In fact, 72% of them report feeling stressed about money, according to the 2019 Future of Money Study. Personal finances can seem overwhelming to this generation, […]

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What are the Alternatives to Credit Card Cash Advances?

When money is tight, a credit card cash advance can seem like an easy solution. But it comes at a cost. In many cases, a cash advance comes with a higher interest rate than that for credit card purchases. And there’s no grace period; the interest begins to accrue right away. When you begin to […]

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The Pros and Cons of Credit Cards

When managed responsibly, credit cards are a useful financial tool. But problems can arise when consumers come to rely on credit cards to pay for everyday purchases, or to fund a lifestyle they can’t truly afford. To avoid unmanageable debt, some consumers choose to skip using credit cards at all, while others keep one card […]

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6 Steps to Take if Your Vehicle is Repossessed

Having a vehicle repossessed is a shocking occurrence. Suddenly, you’re left without transportation to get to work, school and run necessary errands. Although it’s an unfortunate situation, it’s not a hopeless one. If you act quickly, you may be able to get the vehicle back. Here are some steps to take if your vehicle is […]

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