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Whether or not you get the day off, the Presidents Day weekend is always full of money-saving offers on a wide range of consumer goods. It’s a great time to shop and save money on both small and big-ticket items. But remember, nothing is a good deal unless it’s something you really need and were going to purchase anyway. With that in mind, let’s a take a look at the best things to buy during Presidents Day sales:

Winter Clothing

It’s the time of year when shorts and t-shirts fill the same retail space as sweaters and snow boots. Retailers are anxious to get rid of the latter and it’s your chance to score big savings on winter essentials including coats, footwear and accessories, like scarves and gloves. Depending on the climate where you live, you’ll get a few months’ wear out of the items now, or you can simply stock up and store the items for next winter. Either way, be sure to buy only what you need.    Presidents Day is a good time to buy winter clothing

Tech Gear & Electronics

It always makes sense to wait for a sale to purchase a new computer, monitor, television or other electronics gear. President Day is one of the best times of the year to take the plunge. You can often find savings of 25-40 percent or more. You might be tempted to go for the latest and greatest models, but remember to focus on your actual needs rather than the bells and whistles that can drive up prices. Be sure to ask about the extra savings available on floor models or close-outs, too.

Home Goods & Accessories

Your home could probably use a little freshening up after a long winter spent indoors. Fortunately, essentials like bed linens, towels and kitchenware are always on sale this time of year. Whether you’re on the lookout for new towels, dishes, flatware, or pots & pans, now is a great time to buy.

Large Appliances

Buying new appliances is always a big investment, but getting them on sale makes it a little easier. Presidents Day is a good time to buy a new refrigerator, washer/dryer, stove or other large appliance. You can often find savings of 30-percent or more on trusted brand names. Just as with tech gear, there are some incredibly sophisticated models available. Be sure to do your research and don’t overbuy models with features you won’t use.


Tired of tossing and turning on a worn-out mattress? Presidents Day is traditionally a time of outstanding deals on mattresses, with savings of as much as 60-percent. Some retailers go the extra mile and also offer free delivery and set-up, as well as taking away your old mattress. Additionally, some sellers are willing to price match to win your business, so do a little research and have pricing in mind before you begin negotiating.

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