COVID-19 Update

Summer Vacation Canceled? Try These Staycation Ideas.

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has changed what summer vacations are going to look like this year. Non-essential travel is still discouraged, and many popular vacation destinations are still closed. Even those that slowly re-open will have limited capacity and restrictions on certain activities. At the same time, we could all use a break now more than ever. If you’ve had your fill of streaming, jigsaw puzzles, and learning the latest TikTok dances, these staycation ideas are a refreshing break from your regular routine.                  mom and daughter enjoying a spa day during a staycation

Be Your Guest

You know all those special things you do to get your place ready before guests come over? Do them for yourself. Make up the bed with crisp new sheets, hang the fluffiest towels in the bathroom and serve meals on the good plates. Light some candles, put on great music and try to forget about work or school and just enjoy being together with your family, visiting and telling stories — or revel in the solitude if you’re alone. You can even whip up a batch of the DoubleTree’s famous chocolate chip cookies for a special treat.

Make A Splash

A trip to the water park probably isn’t going to happen anytime soon. But that doesn’t mean you can’t let the kids — and the adults — cool off with a DIY backyard version. Set up the sprinklers, get a Slip ‘n Slide, fill up the Super Soakers and let the splashing begin. Water balloons are fun, too! You can even make your own splash pad or super sprinklers using inexpensive materials and tools.

Have a Disney Day

While certain Disney parks are planning partial re-openings, things won’t be back to normal for quite a while. Plan a DIY Disney day instead. Pinterest is filled with copycat recipes for delicious Disney-inspired treats. And they’ve even released the “official” signature recipes for Dole Whip, sweet churro bites, Woody’s grilled cheese, and more must-have delights. Have the kids dress as their favorite Disney characters and spend the day watching a movie marathon of all their Disney and Pixar favorites (with corresponding snacks). And if you don’t have kids and still want to do a Disney day, we’ll never tell.

Take a Virtual World Tour

Where have you always wanted to go? The pyramids of Egypt? Australian outback? The Amazon rainforest? Let your mind wander and choose an exotic destination to visit virtually. Do your research and plan the day’s menu to feature traditional food and drink from the area. Use a language learning app to pick up a few key phrases.  On the morning of your “trip,” start by reading the local newspaper online, then take a virtual tour of attractions and museums, followed by watching a movie or TV show filmed there, or a documentary to learn more about how the locals live. It’s fun to do on your own, or get the whole family involved and have everyone choose a different dream destination. It’s one of our favorite staycation ideas.

Savor a Spa Day

It’s challenging to maintain social distance at a spa, but not when you transform your home into a spa for the day. Light some soothing scented candles take a relaxing aromatherapy shower or bath, wrap yourself up in asoft and cozy robe, and then do your favorite masks and hair treatments. Stay hydrated with fruit-infused water or treat yourself to glass of your favorite wine. Tune out the news and turn on soothing classical or jazz music and let your mind wander.  Or put on a yoga video and let the stretches and deep breathing help you feel calm and centered.

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