At Take Charge America, we pride ourselves on maintaining a 99-percent client satisfaction rate. Here are just some of the testimonials from student loan borrowers we’ve been able to help.

“I’m so happy with this, I am so thrilled this is taken off my back. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate guys like you, I have a PHD and I am so intimidated by this process.”

Kimberly M.

“Take Charge America has taken the stress out of paying my student loans. I put off paying my student loans for so long, trying to make arrangements with my loan servicer seemed overwhelming. I called other services similar to Take Charge America; they insisted they’d help me lower my monthly payments but asked for $500 up front and a $20 fee each month. I knew then that Take Charge America was the best option. I am quite satisfied with my new payment plan. I would definitely recommend Take Charge America to all the graduates out there who are in a similar situation.”

Sakina A.

“Yours was the only website that I trusted after Googling many sites that charged enormous amounts of money to get assistance for consolidating my student loans. When I found Take Charge America and heard the fee was minimal, I was so relieved and it was affordable for me!

My counselor helped me through the entire process of consolidating my loans! She was wonderful, personable, friendly, down to earth (I feel like she was a friend and I feel like I knew her all my life) very patient and professional! Even through some snags, she was wonderful and understanding! The process was easy and she made it fun as well! I appreciate all the help! I will recommend Take Charge America to others that may need assistance!”

Christine T.

Our counselor was very patient with us and extremely knowledgeable about the entire process!

Robert F.

My counselor made me feel very comfortable in making my decision. I am very thankful for this program.

Tara K.

My counselor knew her topic, placed me on a conference call with the loan servicer, and interjected when I didn’t have the answer. I really appreciated Take Charge America’s help with our credit card debt, and I was confident to approach them about my student loan debt as well. I have a friend that I will be passing TCA’s information along to.

Janet C.

My counselor was extremely helpful on a conference call with my loan servicer to get my loan consolidation expedited. It was a great relief to negotiate payments that are manageable for my income.

Kasima F

The counselor was excellent! I appreciated the honest appraisal of my student loan situation. She was courteous, professional, and extremely competent. She was straight-forward and laid out my options in a precise manner. I am extremely impressed by the service that TCA offer.

Monica H.