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Saving Money with Amazon Prime

Amazon’s Prime shopping service carries an annual fee I don’t mind paying, even after the recent increase. As of March 20, 2014, the price for Amazon Prime went up to $99.00 from $79.00. For me it’s worth it – I’m a frequent Amazon shopper, a devoted Kindle user and I while I rarely stream movies or TV, when I do, it’s with Amazon. Prime offers me benefits in each of these areas.

To see if Prime is right for you, consider these benefits: Amazon-Small

Amazon Prime Video One of the lesser known benefits of Amazon Prime is their streaming TV and Movies. Prime members have access to free options, and there’s plenty you can rent by the episode/season. If you pair Amazon Prime Video and a Roku-type TV device, you can easily eliminate cable from your monthly budget.

Free 2-Day Shipping On many items, two day shipping is free with Amazon Prime. This is a huge savings if you are a frequent shopper with Amazon. If you don’t shop Amazon often, remember, they frequently offer free shipping of you spend over $35.00.

Kindle Owners Lending Library Amazon offers selected Kindle books in their library free to Amazon Prime members/Kindle owners. With Prime, Kindle owners can borrow one book per month, with no return date. I’ve had a hard time just finding a complete list of these books when I want them; I tend to stumble upon them randomly. I still manage to find a free book to borrow at least one per month, though.

Subscribe and Save Have common house goods delivered on a monthly basis at a discount. With Subscribe and Save you can save from 5% to 15%. It’s possible to subscribe for the discount, and then cancel future deliveries. This can be an easy way to keep your house stocked with paper goods and cleaning supplies, while keeping yourself out of the big box retailers or membership warehouse stores, which can save you time and money.

Amazon Student and Mom Amazon has specialized versions of their Prime service, one geared toward Moms which allows you to subscribe and save to shipments of diapers and wipes at a 20% discount, and Amazon Student, which offers many of the same benefits as Prime at essentially half the annual cost.


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