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Easy Ways to Save Money on Valentine’s Day

Americans spend $20 billion dollars on Valentine’s Day. This number seems to divide people into two camps: those that think that the more you spend on Valentine’s Day, the more you care, and those that are ready to dismiss Valentine’s Day as the purely retail holiday it seems to be and simply ignore it.

Devoting a day to show how much you care for your loved one can be fun, though. With a little bit of time and thought, you can have fun celebrating Valentine’s Day, and you can avoid shelling out the average $110 – $160 per person that many will spend this year.

Here are three easy ways to save money on Valentine’s Day. Valentine-e1392064749493

Make it Personal

According to Hallmark, Americans exchange more than 142 million Valentine’s Day cards each year. Make your card stand out from every one of them and create it yourself. It’s easy to make a simply designed card. Even buying a pre-made card that’s blank inside can help you take a standard gift and turn it into a token of your love they will never forget. Does the thought of filling in a blank card intimidate you? Grab a pack of pink Post It notes and create lots of sweet little love notes, and hide them as a surprise. Stash them around the house, in the car, their gym bag, etc. Your Valentine’s Day celebration can carry on for days if you do this one right.

Enjoy Date Night at Home 

If you have kids at home, take them to a sitter, then return to the house for a night to yourselves. Your stay-at-home date night can include a picnic in your living room, a favorite movie night, or cooking a favorite meal together. Light candles, use the fancy china, have music in the background instead of the TV – use whatever you have available to make dinner at home a fun and unique experience for both of you. Taking time to make your night at home a special event is a wonderful way to show you care about creating an enjoyable and exciting experience, and that you have thought more about the night beyond simply making a dinner reservation.

Simplify the Classics 

Instead of three pounds of candy, select a few pieces of a favorite chocolate, and decorate or package it yourself. Add Valentine’s flair with stickers or simple gift bags from your favorite discount or dollar store. Instead of a $50.00 bouquet of flowers, opt for a simpler arrangement you make yourself, or a few carefully selected blooms of a favorite flower. Costco normally sells gorgeous cut flowers that are a bargain compared to your standard florist. Making your own arrangements with these blooms is a great way to save on a bouquet your Valentine will not forget.

Are you still stuck on an idea for the perfect Valentine’s Day on a budget? Search Pinterest to find a unique, personalized way to show you care – without completely blowing your budget.

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