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Sign Up for Financial Wellness Program

Step 1 – Sign Up

To sign your company up for our Financial Wellness program, simply give us a call or send a quick email. Since education is our mission, our pricing is reasonable and our services are scaled based on the number of employees in your company. Once you sign up, all your employees will be able to:

  • Develop smart money management skills
  • Learn through fun and interactive workshops
  • Receive topnotch, onsite financial coaching

In addition, employees needing help with managing debt will have their debt management enrollment fee waived.

Step 2 – Promote

Promoting the availability of our Financial Wellness seminars is a priority for us because we know attendees will benefit from the education and support we provide. Our presentation topics and times are flexible so your employees can get the information they need, when they need it.

To promote the program to your employees, we offer a selection of marketing materials:

  • Promotional flyers
  • Pay stub inserts
  • Break room posters
  • Break room table tents
  • Informative emails
  • Newsletter articles

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Step 3

Step 3 – Present

Our presentations increase financial awareness and empower attendees. Each presentation is an interactive workshop that mixes financial education with a little bit of fun. We don’t just preach to your employees, we involve them in activities that teach them how to develop smart money management skills and cultivate good spending habits.

Your employees will walk away from our financial wellness workshops feeling informed and excited about how easy it is to improve how finances are handled. Read some of our employee testimonials to see for yourself.

Step 4 – Support

All employees have the ability to request one-on-one meetings with a credit counselor as soon as your company joins our Financial Wellness program. These counseling sessions can offer employees more personalized assistance and education and are available in addition to our financial wellness workshops.

Along with opportunities for individual counseling, our Financial Wellness program provides all your employees with other helpful resources to reference at any time, including:

  • Online webinars
  • Tip sheets
  • Portal for budget tracking
  • Personal finance calculators
  • Worksheets

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